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Grammarian Report - 16th Feb 2016

Word of the day:


  • Meaning :- (Especially, for a woman) Attractively lively, energetic & enthusiastic 

Idiom of the day 

Ball is in your court

  • Meaning: It is up to you to make the next decision or step.

Specific comments & good phrases/ words used :-

  1. Future is fearful but the past is our experience (some will say “the past is our teacher”)
  2. Taking charge of her own goal & aspiration (cue to Malynda)
  3. Reduced, reused (re-purpose), recycle (and another play with word – resourceful)
  4. Countenance also fall (talking about facing expression)
  5. Blinded with fear
  6. Embrace the future
  7. Courage is the 1st of many human qualities, the rest will follows.
  8. Past is the experience, present is our experiment & the future, our expectation. Eg, use the experience to do an experiment at present so that it can lead to a better expectation.

Areas of improvements :-

  1. I lost any idea (I lost my train of thoughts)
  2. Chinese educator don’t focus on communication skill (Chinese education don’t focus ….)
  3. I still nervous when I stand up (I’m still nervous whenever I stand up {to speak})
  4. She was run to her car (She ran to her car)
  5. Hero is not measured by the size of your strength (Heroism is not measured by the show of strength)
  6. More vividly description (More vivid description) … when describing the taufoo
  7. I was never on plane (I had never taken a plane)
  8. I might be not welcome by my counterpart in Holland (I might not be welcome ….)
  9. Call him to concern about him (Call him to comfort him of his predicament)
  10. Please be mind that the water (Please be mindful, or please be reminded that the water ….)
  11. The human right behind the piece of cloth (The human right violation  behind that piece of cloth)
  12. He is a Taiwan (He is a Taiwanese)
  13. I give him tissue (I gave him a piece of tissue)

Pronunciation errors :

1) Closet and not closeted

2) Share and not shear

P/S: Special thanks to Johnny Yong (MIA TMC) for the report summary 
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