Friday, July 8, 2016

Meeting Highlights on 5 July 2016 - Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

The first meeting of this brand new term has started with a bang by our TME Benz Chan, CC

Table Topics Master, Malynda Tan has also enlightened us and fellow Table Topics speakers with thought-provoking topics like...

-          Cowards never start, the weak never finish and the winner never quit 
-          You aren’t defeated when you lose, you’re only defeated when you quit 
-          Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up
-          It is hard to beat a person who never give up

 Past President Sylvia Tan, ACS attempted the Table Topics gracefully!

Through his project speech, Nicholas shared with us that he believes there is no loser in life. Sometimes winning is losing. For instance in a relationship, the guy who compromised may seem to be ‘losing’ the quarrel, in essence he is in the ‘winning’ to sustain the relationship.

The second project speaker, Carrie Ooi shared with us three simple ways to make the conversation meaningful:
1. Ask Why/How Questions
This helps to explore one’s underlying motives and get more thoughtful responses

2. Channel Curious George
Instead of asking the usual ‘where are you from?’ or ‘how are you today?’, try asking ‘did anything surprised you today?’

3. Ask for advice
Seek advice from people as generally we admire those who came to us for advice.

Last but not least, remember to maintain eye contact, sincere nodding and a bright smile!

Lay Theng, ACB, ALS the third project speaker enticed the crowd by sharing the breathtaking view of the peak of Mount Kinabalu. It sounds easy for anyone who is determined to join the expedition as there are only 3 requirements:
1. Safety
2. Mentally and physically strong
3. Team spirit

The crowd demonstrated strong interest and looking forward to the next briefing!

Time for the awards!!!
The Best Table Topics Speaker goes to...
Gerard Peter

The Best Project Speaker goes to...
Tan Lay Theng

The Best Evaluator goes to...
 Gerard Peter

Congratulations to all the winners and our Past President Sylvia Tan who has just achieved her ACS award! 

A token of appreciation for our hardworking General Evaluator, Yen Shen from KPMG KL Toastmasters Club. 

 A meeting wouldn't be complete without a fancy group photo!

During her second visit, our guest Gina has immediately signed up as our new member! 

Compiled by,
Chor Chee Hoe, ACS, ALB
Acting VP Public Relations 2016/2017

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Notice to Regular Meeting on 5 July 2016 - Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

Vince Lombardi, a famous American football coach, once said, “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits”. We have heard of this saying at least once in our lives. And we all have had the opportunity to apply the saying to a part of our lives, be it in a sports team, in academics, at work or even in relationships. 

A winner is someone who is determined to reach his goals, no matter how arduous the journey may be. A winner is ready to face challenges and obstacles that may come in between him and his goals. On the other hand, a quitter gets perturbed by challenges, and in the midst, gives up. Because he is not determined to face the difficulties, he never reaches his goal and is declared a quitter.

To give up midway is easy but to continue despite challenges is difficult. That is why only winners are remembered for a long time. They are our role models, who teach us that it pays to never quit. Success only knocks on the doors of winners because they are determined in life. On the other hand, a quitter lives most of his life in regret because of his lack of motivation and dedication. 

Compiled by,
Keny Tai, CC
VPE 2016/2017
Friendship Toastmasters Club