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Photos @ 22 Aug 2011

Report by Angeline Lee, President 2011/2012

President Angeline Lee


After attending TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) training in July 2011, VPE Chee Hoe was inspired to set our meeting theme as “Serve with Passion” which is District 51’s theme for term 2011/2012 under the leadership of District Governor Sue Chan, DTM.

Just before the Table Topics Session, VPE Chee Hoe performed the Induction ceremony for our new members Sean Lee and Sylvia Tan. Our General Evaluator Jon Tan from TTDI Toastmasters Club, found it to be well conducted and praised VPE Chee Hoe for a job well done.

Sean Lee & Sylvia Tan at the New Member Induction Ceremony.
VPE Chee Hoe conducted the ceremony.

Table Topics Master Sylvia provided us with a hilarious Table Topics Session with her “Continue the Story” approach about a passionate boy named Daniel who wanted to learn violin at the age of 15. She had 5 capable speakers who spun magic (and much laughter) with their story-telling skills.

Sylvia Tan conducting the Table Topics session

Past President Freddie Yap started the story by regaling us with Daniel’s quest to look for a piano teacher at an orphanage. His request for piano lessons was denied as he was not an orphan. Next, Past President Ben Fong had us laughing at Daniel’s persistence to learn piano using an iPad. Unfortunately, after getting the iPad, Daniel proceeded to jailbreak it and downloaded games instead. VPPR Susan Lim came up with the brilliant idea of helping out Daniel by asking her idol, Wang Lee Hom, to give Daniel piano lessons. She was touched that her idol, a well-known Taiwanese singer and talented composer, flew in to Malaysia, just for her.

Treasurer Ian Lai then broke out into a Mandarin song as a demonstration of what Daniel has learnt after having lessons with Wang Lee Hom. Daniel decided to audition for Malaysian Idol but was not successful. In despair, Daniel wrote profusely for 3 days and sent a song to the music producer of Malaysian Idol. Kwok Hung continued the story with Daniel waiting patiently for a reply from the music producer. One day, while watching Malaysian Idol, Daniel heard a familiar tune. To his surprise, it was his song! Although disappointed he was not the singer singing that song on Malaysian Idol, it was a consolation that it was a good song after all.

Daphne was the first speaker in the speech project session and gave a speech entitled “Stay in Love”. She immediately engaged the audience with her opening question, “Do you want a romantic partner?” It appears that we do have a number of romantic Friendship members, judging from the response to her question! She had us laughing out loud at her story about her husband’s purchase of a RM2000 camera and his response to her membership fees for Friendship with this question, “Why do you pay RM300 just to talk?”

Andy spoke about “Hachi – A Dog’s Tale” which was a touching story of a patient, faithful, devoted dog that waited at a train station for 9 years for his master to return. Eventually Hachi was reunited with his beloved master when it passed away peacefully at the train station.

Ian persuaded the audience with his speech “Gold vs Silver”. He said that silver has outperformed gold in the past 10 years. If we had invested in silver, we would have made more money!

From left: SAA Andy, GE Jon Tan, Timer Sean Lee, Ah Counter Chee Hoe,
Grammarian Kwok Hung & Evaluator Kim Chow

VPE Chee Hoe set the scene for Grace Tan’s “Accepting An Award” speech project. After he had presented Grace with the “Best Volunteer for 30-Hour Famine” award, Grace started on her “Hunger for Help and Health” speech. She told us that last year she was approached by Chee Hoe to starve for 30 hours with him! She was skeptical but since he was cute-looking, she decided to find out more. In the end, in June 2010, she agreed to be the English emcee for 150 people for the “30-Hour Famine” event. In June this year, she agreed to be the Mandarin emcee, this time for 300 people, a bigger and more challenging event for our 30-Hour Famine Best Volunteer.

Past President Kim Chow was simply amazing in her evaluation of Grace’s speech. She was blown away by Grace’s performance and praised her as an eloquent and elegant speaker. We answered with a resounding “YES” when Kim asked, "Are you mesmerized and captivated by her speech?" She commended Grace on her awesome speaking skills and asked her to inspire the members with her advanced speeches. 

From left: Kim Chow, GE Jon Tan, TME Sivadass, project speaker Daphne and our guest Abe

General Evaluator Jon Tan captured our attention when he said “Friendship has a special place in my heart because back in 2000, Friendship was the club where I gave my first speech outside my own club."  He was most impressed that the President's speech was published in the newsletter and made available during the meeting. It was the first he has seen in any clubs that he has visited over the years. He also praised TME Sivadas whom in his opinion has improved 1000%!

Thank you, GE Jon Tan!

The awards given out during our Serve with Passion meeting:
Best Table Topics Speaker – Leong Kwok Hung
Best Project Speaker – Grace Tan
Best Speech Evaluator – Kim Chow
CC Pin – Leong Kwok Hung
ALB Pin – Angeline Lee

Grace Tan is Best Project Speaker

Kim Chow is Best Speech Evaluator

Kwok Hung receiving CC pin from IPP Zation
Kwok Hung is the Best Table Topics Speaker

Report by Angeline Lee, President 2011/2012

Newsletter_Volume 10 Issue 3

VPPR Susan Lim

Volume 10 Issue 3

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
President Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
VPPM Alexandra Lau was the editor from July 2010 to June 2011. 
VPPR Susan Lim is the current editor. 

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Meeting Programme_22 Aug 2011

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meeting Notice

VPE Chor Chee Hoe

Hey friends, 

After the successful Humorous Speech Contest & Evaluation Contest, I believe all of you are still in high spirits. Our coming meeting carries the theme Serve with Passion. We will have an author and also a global personal branding strategist as our General Evaluator. He is none other than Jon Tan, ACG, ALB, from TTDI Toastmasters Club.

We are going to celebrate the 54th year of independence very soon. Since 31 August 1957, our country's  leaders have served the nation with passion! In Toastmasters, we develop our leadership skills by taking up various roles and responsibilities at the club level, area level, division level, district level and even at the international level. 

We have four speakers who are eager to improve their public speaking skills. They are Daphne, Andy, Ian and Grace. I believe all of you have waited a long time to hear Grace's speech. So have I. 

We also have a lot of passionate members who are willing to taking up meeting roles. Thanks to Sivadas, Sylvia, Ben, Zaiton, Freddie, Lay Theng, Kim, Alex, Wai Yee and Sean for saying "Yes" to serving with passion. 

Our President and Humorous Speech Contest Champion, Angeline Lee, will enlighten us on the rebranding of Toastmasters and an exciting campaign called Passion Drive. 

See you all on 22 August and may each of you bring a guest to our meeting!

Best Regards, 
Chee Hoe 
Vice President Education 2011/2012

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


2 August 2011
Report by Susan Lim, Daphne Au, Tan Lay Theng & Angeline Lee

With almost 40 guests and members in attendance, Organising Chair VPM Alexandra started our annual Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest by thanking all contestants, role players, Chief Judge Francis Ng and his team of judges.

The audience

Past President Lay Theng who was our Contest Chair, conducted both contests in her usual cool, calm and collected manner. 

Humorous Speech Contest

The first contestant, James stressed on the importance of knowledge. He conveyed it by using a humorous story of how he helped a damsel in distress and gained instant admiration. His body language and message was clear - “If you know something other people do not know, your voice will be louder and you can raise yourself higher”.

Second contestant, Angeline shared how she has conquered her fear and achieved tremendous results. In her early days in Toastmasters, because she did not want to disappoint her club VPE, she joined the table topics contest and accidentally won it. Moving on, she became the Area Governor and then the President of Friendship Toastmasters club. But her most whimsy story was how she conquered her fear of heights and eventually earned kisses from two handsome guys.

Sylvia, who was the third contestant, shared a story on how she reluctantly got herself a disastrous housemate. In a dire situation, she discussed with her friends and came out with 4 simple yet ingenuous steps to get rid of her housemate. It involved the deceitful yet amusing acts of talking to her mum and also her plant. In her finale, she revealed that her former disastrous housemate is now her fiancé.

The final contestant, Sivadas shared his Toastmasters journey and how he completed his 10 speeches. His “never say die” attitude and his stories with the messages of “do not stop learning” and “everything is possible” are not only inspiring, but were entertaining as well.

Contest Results
First place - Angeline Lee
Second place – James Arokiasamy

Angeline receiving her trophy and certificate from Contest Chair PP Lay Theng

PP James, first runner-up in the Humorous Speech Contest

Evaluation Contest

The evaluation contest started with our test speaker Zoe Lo presenting her speech on “The day when everything went wrong”.

First evaluator, Tony Lim, liked Zoe’s energy in delivering her speech. Both Tony and second evaluator Chee Hoe pointed out that Zoe’s speech was well-structured and organized. They both liked the way Zoe started her speech by asking a question which successfully grabbed the attention of the audience. Tony, Chee Hoe, third evaluator Freddie and fifth evaluator Angeline thought that Zoe’s speech was humorous by recapping on “even though she had a bad haircut but at least she still had hair, and also the difference between Starbucks and Setapak that contributed to things that went wrong”.

All the evaluators liked Zoe’s speech with a meaningful take-home message – even if things don’t work out as planned, we should be thankful for the things that went right. Tony, Freddie and Chee Hor commented that Zoe is pretty and has a sweet smile which helped her to connect to the audience effortlessly.

Angeline ended her speech by saying she could not give Zoe a brilliant evaluation, but at least Zoe had a free evaluation. This made the audience laugh out loud. She is quite a talented humorous evaluator!

First place – Freddie Yap
Second place – Angeline Lee
Third place – Tony Lim

Congratulations to PP Freddie Yap, Evaluation Champion!

PP Tony Lim is second runner-up

Note of Appreciation
Friendship would like to record our appreciation to

Organising Chair – VPM Alexandra Lau
Contest Chair – Past President Tan Lay Theng
Chief Judge – Francis Ng, DTM & his team of judges
Timers – Bryan Cheong (HELP) & Lee Han Sen (TTDI)
Ballot counters – Ian Tai, Tan Tze Yi (HELP) & Derek Soo (Mantissa)
SAA – Andy Supramaniam, Daphne Au & Kelly Teng (Mantissa)
Test Speaker – Zoe Lo (HELP)
Contestants – Angeline, Ben, Chee Hoe, Freddie, James, Sivadas, Sylvia & Tony

Contestants Angeline, Ben, Freddie, Chee Hoe, Tony & Sivadass

IPP Jessica (One World), Secretary Han Sen (TTDI), PP Derek (Mantissa),
President Angeline, President Kelly (Mantissa) & President CK (One World)
HELP President Zoe with her members Bryan, VPE Tze Yi & IPP Vincent Liew,
OC Alexandra & President Angeline

Members & guests of Friendship TMC

Thank you to all contestants, role players and members of the audience for helping Friendship TMC to have a successful Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest !

Report by Susan Lim, Daphne Au, Tan Lay Theng & Angeline Lee

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Speech Contest Results @ 02 Aug 2011

Report by Alexandra Lau, Vice President Membership 2011/2012

VPM Alexandra Lau

Dear Friendship members and friends,

Our Club Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest were held on 02 August 2011.

May I congratulate the winners:

Humorous Speech Contest Winners
1. Angeline Lee
2. James Arokiasamy

Evaluation Contest Winners
1. Freddy Yap
2. Angeline Lee
3. Tony Lim

CONGRATULATIONS!!! All the best at the coming Area contests!

Congratulations to all contestants who had the courage to compete, especially new member Sylvia Tan. Sylvia joined our club only a few months ago and has just started on her CC manual. I really salute her for taking such a giant step in Toastmasters.

Many thanks to President Angeline and PP Lay Theng for guiding me to be an effective Organizing Chair. Angeline has tirelessly reminded me of what and how things need to be done, on top of her role as the Club President and overlook the management of the contest preparation….PLUS, taking part in both of the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests.Her drive and commitment is… AWESOME!

Also many thanks to the roleplayers too – Daphne, Andy and Ian, as well as helpers from HELP Toastmasters and Mantissa Toastmasters. Without them the contest would not be smoothly run.

Overall, it was a great experience for me and I strongly encourage the rest of our club members who miss the contest this time to take part in our future club contests.


Notice_Speech Contests on 02 August 2011

VPM Alexandra Lau

From: Alexandra Lau []
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2011 9:55 AM
Subject: Re: Friendship Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests on 2 August 7PM

Dear Members,

In the midst of your stressful and busy schedule, treat yourself to a break. Join us at our Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests!

Come not only to laugh but also to learn. Do you know that many outstanding public speakers are humorous? Not only can they tickle your funny bones but also speak with substance.

There is more for you if you participate. Why is it important to participate in the contest and experienced it yourself? It is a great opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and you never know; you might be the next world champion!

If you have thought about it, then just do it. How to do it? Just sign up as a contestant with yours truly, the Organising Chair. Next, prepare and practice your humorous speech. Finally, just do your best in the contest.

Here are our members who have taken the courage to compete in this contest. We are welcoming you to join them .

Humorous Speech Contestants:
  1. Angeline 
  2. James 
  3. Sivadas 
  4. Sylvia 
Evaluation Contestants:
  1. Angeline 
  2. Freddie 
  3. Tony 
  4. Zaiton 
Your participation, as a contestant, a role player or as a member of the audience, will definitely contribute to the success of the Contests. We look forward to seeing you on 2 August.

All the best to our potential club champions!


Organising Chair