Monday, September 20, 2010

Notice of Meeting

Notice of meeting from Angeline Lee, VPE

From: Angeline Lee []
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 10:54 PM
Subject: 21 September Meeting - Good Plans Shape Good Decisions

Dear Friends,
For our next meeting, Good Plans Shape Good Decisions. So please make plans to attend our meeting, and it will be the right decision for you. Do come dressed in green, as it will be a Raya cum Mooncake celebration as well.

What we have in store for you
• First-timer TME Vincent Wong. He has resolved (Word of the Day) to do his best and has started preparing his TME script
• Creative Table Topics Master Grace Tan (need we say more ?)
• 5 project speeches
• It has been some time since their last appearance at Friendship. Help us to welcome back Kim Chow, Tom Chen & Roslyn Tan !
• Raya cookies (compliment of President Zaiton)
• Mooncake (there can never be too much food)
• Best Dressed Green Man Award (sponsored by President Zaiton)
• Best Dressed Green Lady Award (sponsored by President Zaiton)

We will not reveal all and spoil the surprise for you. Join us and find out the rest of the surprises on 21 Sept.

Just remember to come in green to be eligible to be voted for the Best Dressed Award.

Best regards,
Angeline, VPE

Photos @ 07 September 2010

Enriching Your Life
Report by Angeline Lee
Our Enriching Your Life (meeting theme) TME Tony Lim, started the evening with an apt reminder that many of us have become better leaders, managers, salesman, entrepreneurs and CEOs because of one man – Dr. Ralph C. Smedley. Our lives have been enriched (Word of the Day) because of our Toastmasters training programs and the benefits we have gained from it.

Tony Lim the TME

Our Invocation speaker flung a paper starfish at us and narrated a story of how a simple act of picking a starfish and throwing it back into the ocean makes a difference. We may not be able to save all the starfish on the beach, but to the one starfish that we have helped, it has made a difference to that starfish.

Lim Kien Chai @ KC Lim who is the Invocation Speaker as well as Table Topics Evaluator

Table Topics Master Sivadas cleverly came up with a few topics centered on the meeting theme:
What are the different ways to enrich your life?
How to enrich your life after retirement?
Does the present educational system enrich our children?
How does the CL manual enrich our lives?
Material things can enrich our lives

IPP Ben Fong is one of the Table Topics speakers

The five table topics speakers were Chee Hoe, Ben, James, Grace and Lay Theng. Our Best Table Topics Speaker had a simple and meaningful message for us. Material things are not important. It is more important to enrich our lives by spending more time with our loved ones. Instead of wishing that we could get more, we should ask ourselves how we can give more.

The award winning project speech was an Ice-Breaker speech about “The Middle Man”. As a middle child, the speaker plays the role of mediator, peace-maker and messenger. She is still playing these roles today, and her two sisters are grateful and acknowledged that she is a key member of the family.

In her working life, she is also the middle man, as she works with her boss and colleagues. Although she works hard in her middle management role, she also takes the middle path by leading a balanced life. To balance her 12 hours working days, she goes on holidays and has a variety of activities such as Toastmasters and Qigong. She is enjoying her life as a middle child, a middle man living a middle path.

In the Evaluation Session, for the first time, we tried out “Open Evaluation”, a practice that we have observed from MAICSA Toastmasters meetings. Chee Hoe, Tony and Sivadas provided their feedback during the open evaluation session, which is intended to provide everyone with the opportunity to practice providing effective and constructive feedback.

During the awards presentation, TME Tony Lim commented once again, the awards were dominated by the Tans of Friendship!

Best Table Topics Speaker Tan Lay Theng
Best Project Speaker Tan Lay Theng
Best Evaluator Grace Tan

In another first for Friendship, we presented Half-CC and Ice Breaker ribbons ordered from Toastmasters International. The first Friendship recipients for the Half-CC Ribbons are Chee Hoe, Vincent and Alex who has completed more than 5 speeches in the Competent Communication manual. Lay Theng was also awarded an Ice Breaker ribbon. Well done to our hard-working members who are diligently working on their CC manuals!

Chee Hoe, Vincent & Alex with their Half-CC Ribbon, Lay Theng with her Ice Breaker Ribbon

Thank you General Evaluator Son Lee, who told us she fell in love with our Friendship meeting, in particular our great food, our talented speakers and the impressive evaluations by Grace Tan and KC Lim.

GE Son Lee, Project Speaker Lay Theng & Speech Evaluator Sook Ping. Son Lee & Sook Ping are both from MAICSA Toastmasters Club

Our next meeting is on 21 September 2010 with the meeting theme Good Plans Shape Good Decisions. Please make plans to join us on 21 September at Bukit Kiara, and it will be the right decision for you!

Newsletter_Volume 9 Issue 3

Volume 9 Issue 3

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah, DTM, in 2000
Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009
Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010
Alexandra Lau is the current editor

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Meeting Programme_07 Sep 2010

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Notice of Meeting

Notice from Angeline Lee, VPE

From: Angeline Lee []
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2010 8:55 AM
Subject: Friendship 7 Sept Meeting - Enriching Your Life

Dear Members,

Our next meeting is less than 2 weeks away, just before the Raya holidays.

Our TME is none other than the effervescent Tony Lim. It has been a year since he last took up this role. Nevertheless he is up to the challenge of leading us to another great meeting where you will Enrich Your Life in Achieving Greatness Together.

Here is a part of Division Governor DTM Vincent Hor's message for us this month, which gives us a glimpse of how our lives can be enriched by attending Toastmasters meetings and setting as well as achieving our personal goals as Toastmasters.

We ought to Raise Our Standards Everytime (R.O.S.E.) we speak, listen, think and lead. We ought to benchmark ourselves against attainable standards to enhance our skills. We ought to give ourselves a little push for excellence. As some will agree that poverty may be the best motivator to survive. Commitment will ensure realisation in Communication & Leadership skills training results.

A Club's success is contributed by every individual Toastmaster's effort who wants to improve on his/her Communication & Leadership skills. Thus, every Member plays a valuable part in self-development which in-turn carves a significant point of the Club's success.

How will your life be enriched by attending our next meeting ?
On 7 September, you will be enriched by the following person and events

Our effervescent TME Tony Lim
Invocation by KC
Table Topics !
Four project speeches
Humour Master Alex
Five evaluations
Open evaluation
General Evaluation by DTM Lay See (MAICSA)

In case you are wondering what is "Open Evaluation", this is something that MAICSA meetings has. Everyone will be given the opportunity to add to the official evaluation by the speech evaluators. This is your opportunity to try out a short evaluation by providing your recommendation to any of the speakers. If you have never tried evaluation before, here is a tip for you - highlight an area that you like about the speech and then offer an area for improvement. Try it out at our next meeting and you may find out that evaluation is not as difficult as you think it is.

Happy holidays on Merdeka Day & see all of you on 7th September !

Best regards,
Angeline, VPE

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Congratulations, Angeline Lee!

From: Freddie Yap Keat Fien []
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 1:28 PM
To: Angeline Lee;
Subject: Friendship 17 August Meeting - Achieving Greatness Together

Dear VPE Angeline

On my way home after the mtg last nite, I could not help but revelled in the thought that you were now so DIFFERENT! It was quite evident that you'd taken your speech to a much higher level. Despite receiving the Best Evaluator award, i wasn't sure if I'd done enough justice to such a fine effort by you.

I was totally awed by your choice of delivery of an otherwise dull and dry subject... a topic which was to be so predictable given that we are all Toastmasters. But, you successfully weaved your message into a story, incorporating the gist of all the 10 basic speeches into your encounter with the cute boy. There were drizzles of romance, sprinkles of heartwarming humour and a just-nice dosage of enlightening facts, all in ONE! To me, that was simply marvellous!

It goes to show that you have chosen to think OUT OF THE BOX (which is KC's mantra) instead of sticking to mundane convention. I was truly truly inspired by your performance. You are now a proud living testimony of the subject.... WHY TOASTMASTERS?


Freddie Yap, ACB

Photos @ 17 August 2010

Achieving Greatness Together
Report by Angeline Lee

With TME KC Lim in charge, we were assured that our Achieving Greatness Together meeting would be well-run. He gave us a quote from Henry Ford

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Past President KC Lim is our TME

In her Invocation speech, Lay Theng shared with us how her workplace fostered the spirit of Achieving Greatness Together by the simple act of removing partitions. By doing so, it removed the barriers to greater communication and interaction. Lay Theng’s inspiring message for us - Toastmasters is the best platform for Achieving Greatness Together. Let’s walk this journey together and accomplish (word of the day) the results we desire.

We then had an unusual Table Topics session led by Richard Solomon, who was visiting from AFC Club. Our volunteers had to explain why women should be given equal rights and then explained why women should not be given equal rights. Table Topics Evaluator Ben praised Grace, Freddie and Tony’s well-crafted speeches which were full of real-life examples that we could relate to.

Table Topics Master Richard explaining the Table Topics debating game to Grace, Wendy, Angeline, Chee Hoe, Freddie and Tony

For his project speech no. 6, Chee Hoe entranced us with the Navi language used in the Avator movie. His speech on Lì’fya convinced his speech evaluator Grace to get a copy of the Avatar DVD and watch this movie!

In “Chiquita Banana”, Alexandra presented a well-researched speech about a humble fruit with many healing properties. She ended her speech with “A banana a day, keeps the doctor away”.

For Angeline’s Speech To Inform, evaluator Freddie was very generous with his verdict: There were drizzles of romance, sprinkles of heartwarming humour and a just-nice dosage of enlightening facts, all in ONE!

In the Evaluation session, GE Lee Wei Seong praised Ben’s evaluation which was delivered without looking at his notes. He was impressed with Ben’s smooth slow of presentation. He then challenged the other evaluators to deliver without notes. Our seasoned team of evaluators promptly took up this challenge.

First-timer Ah-Counter Emily Kok was composed as she delivered her report. Grammarian Sivadas and Timer Wai Yee once again showed us they had been diligently focusing on their task as they delivered their respective reports.

GE Wei Seong receiving Friendship’s Thank You card from President Zaiton

For our Achieving Greatness Together meeting, the award winners are
Best Table Topics Speaker – Freddie Yap & Grace Tan
Best Evaluator – Freddie Yap
Best Project Speaker – Angeline Lee

Best Table Topics Speaker & Best Evaluator Freddie and joint Best Table Topics Speaker Grace with President Zaiton

For Richard’s guest, it was her first time attending a Toastmasters meeting. Wendy was impressed with the speaking skills of Friendship members.

Evaluator Grace, Table Topics Master Richard, Chee Hoe, Timer Wai Yee, guest Wendy and GE Wei Seong

For Grace’s guest, Mala, she was impressed with the educational nature of Toastmasters meetings. She will be visiting us for future meetings, and vowed to bring along her friends.

Evaluator Freddie, Ah-Counter Emily, Invocation speaker Lay Theng, guests Mala & Andy

Join us at our next Friendship meeting on 7 September where you will Enrich Your Life in Achieving Greatness Together.

Newsletter_Volume 9 Issue 2

Volume 9 Issue 2

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah, DTM, in 2000
Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009
Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010
Alexandra Lau is the current editor

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Meeting Programme_17 August 2010

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