Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meeting Notice

Angeline Lee, VPE cum President Elect

Dear Frienship Members,

Our next meeting is just around the corner and it is the final meeting for us with Zaiton as our President.
Looking back, President Zaiton would be full of memories of what this term has meant to her in terms of her personal growth in the areas of leadership and communication. Looking ahead, I hope you are looking forward to what she has to share with us in her final Presidential speech on 21 June.
I will not be attending this meeting due to a working assignment in Singapore for two weeks. In my absence, Past President Lay Theng has kindly offer to help with the finalising of the program agenda. Please inform Lay Theng if there is any changes to your availability for 21 June, for those of you who have confirmed for your respective roles and speaking slots.
Let's have a memorable meeting on 21 June with
Susan - as our first-timer TME
Daphne - as Table Topics Master
Phileo - introducing himself in his Ice Breaker speech.
Andy and Ian - moving on to speeches 3 and 4. It is going to be an all male speakers performance !
Grace, Kim, Alexandra and Daniel - as our esteemed evaluators
Andrew Ng - as our General Evaluator. He will be completing his final project for his Competent Leader manual.
Everyone, have fun at the next meeting !
Your VPE,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photos @ 07 June 2011

Report by VPM Chor Chee Hoe
Photos by Treasurer Chor Wai Yee


The happy atmosphere in the meeting room.
Wow! Many guests and visiting Toastmasters attended the meeting.

Kui Lim, 2nd from left, decided to join the club on her 3rd visit.
Thanks for choosing Friendship!

As the TME, I definitely enjoyed the meeting with the theme Leaders aren't born, they are made. Beside the interesting meeting agenda, another reason for my jubilant mood is that we had 8 guests visiting our club and three of them decided to join as members! They are Sean, Hui Woon and Kui Lim.

President Zaiton sharing her views on the qualities of a great leader
in her president's speech.

Invocation presenter, Wai Yee, set the mood of the meeting by inspiring us with the story of her idol, Tony Fernandez. 

In the Table Topics session, PP Ben Fong the Table Topics Master received warm response and participation from 5 guests and 1 member.

Khor SC, a visiting Toastmaster from Klang Bilingual Club told us that
Integrity (Word of the Day) is an important quality of a great leader

Sean, our first-time guest, decided to join our club
after performing in the Table Topics session.

Our guest Lih Choon gallantly participated in the Table Topics.

In her Ice Breaker speech, Sylvia delivered an interesting speech
entitled "Story About Me".
She spoke with confidence and it is obvious that she enjoys public speaking. 

PP Lay Theng giving an inspiring speech that highlights the benefits of Toastmasters.
She successfully converted three guests into member with her powerful speech. 

Hilson Yeap from AFC Toastmasters Club giving helpful evaluations
on the Table Topic speeches.
He also shared some tips with us that he learned from Darren LaCroix's workshop

The Best Table Topics Speaker award goes to .... our guest Joshua!

Thank you, General Evaluator Soh Fong Wai, DTM

PP Lay Theng completed her CC for the second time and received the CC pin.

Sylvia Tan receiving the Ice Breaker ribbon from President Zaiton

Came as a guest, left as a member! Hui Woon joined Friendship on her second visit.

The youngest guest, Sakura, who is only 12 years old, sharing her views on Toastmasters.

Newsletter_Volume 9 Issue 18

Alexandra Lau, VPPR

Volume 9 Issue 18

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
Alexandra Lau is the current editor.

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Meeting Programme_07 June 2011

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meeting Notice

Angeline Lee, President Elect

Dear Friendship Members,
One week has quickly passed since our awesome Birthday Celebration meeting last week! Thank you to our members and guests who made it an awesome night.
Moving on to our 7 June meeting with the theme "Leaders aren't born, they are made" helmed by TME Chee Hoe. 
I regret to say that I will not be able to attend the meeting due to my CEO's request that I travel to Taipei to give a presentation. His exact words to me are, "With your Toastmasters training, you are the best person to give the presentation". Then he reminded me to have effective eye contact and body movement, and to put everything that I have learnt in Toastmasters into this presentation to the management group of a bank. Although feeling slightly stressed, I can honestly say that Toastmasters is taking me places as I have not been to Taipei before.
Please let TME Chee Hoe know if you wish to make changes to your meeting roles or your  commitment to the meeting programme. A successful meeting is only possible if all of us do our part to make it successful.
May everyone look forward and work towards another successful meeting on 7 June where more Friendship leaders will be made.
Your VPE,

Photos @ 24 May 2011

Report by Angeline Lee, President Elect cum Area W3 Governor

Angeline Lee, President Elect

Friendship Birthday Celebration

In May 1999, Friendship Toastmasters Club under the leadership of Kim Chow started the first meeting. Twelve years later, Vice President Membership Chee Hoe, took the initiative to organize a birthday celebration meeting because YOU, Friendship members, deserve it!

Happy Birthday to Friendship Toastmasters Club!

With Facebook invitations sent out and members inviting guests to attend, Organising Chair Chee Hoe was slightly worried that we might not have enough food for our numerous guests. Thanks to his foresight, this disaster was averted. We were exultant (word of the day) to welcome 18 guests to help us celebrate!

Our special guests are
  1. DTM Rolf Chew, North Chair of Education and Training Committee of District 85 (Toastmasters clubs in China, Hong Kong and Macau)
  2. DTM Rolf Chew’s cousin, Hui Woon
  3. TF Lee from AFC Toastmasters Club
  4. David Lai from Ambank Toastmasters Club
  5. Lee Han Sen from TTDI Toastmasters Club
  6. Pham Viet Ha, Kelly Teng and Derek Soo from Mantissa Toastmasters Club
  7. Michelle Yip, Toh Joo Lee, Gary Lee and Jowy Chong from KPMG KL Toastmasters Club
  8. Anthony, Firdaus and June from IBM
  9. Wong Wei Kai invited by Chee Hoe
  10. Tan Wai Yee & Kui Lim invited by Wai Yee

Special thanks to Grace Tan for inviting TF Lee. TF Lee then invited David and Rolf, and Rolf asked his cousin to attend. It was a pleasant chain reaction of events. With just one invitation from Grace, we had 4 guests attending the meeting.

President Zaiton with our guests 

With Ian “Rocky” Tai running into the room and showing us his boxing moves complete with boxing gloves, we were off to a rocking start. It was an inspirational story of Sylvester Stallone, who experienced the saddest moment of his life when he had to sell his dog for $50 to survive. Despite being rejected many times for the lead actor role in the ‘Rocky’ movie, he did not give up. It was a sweet victory for him when he won the Best Actor award for “Rocky”. Ian “Rocky” Tai’s message for us was “Don’t give up, don’t underestimate yourself”.

Ian Tai with his Rocky look

Next Past President Lay Theng presented her “Vegetarian or Flexitarian – The Choice is Yours” speech. She did her best to persuade us to make our choice with her well-researched speech on the benefits of being a vegetarian. Not only would we be less prone to diseases and be more cool, calm and composed, the vegetarian choice is also more environmentally friendly.

From left: Grace Tan, Andy, guitarist Wei Kai, VPM Chee Hoe,
Treasurer Wai Yee and our guest Tan Wai Yee
Future vegetarians?

After the project speeches, VPPR Alexandra conducted the New Member Induction ceremony for Daphne. Bravo to Daphne who took up the Grammarian role for this evening even though she did not think English was her forte.

Daphne (left) with her mentor Angeline Lee.
On the right is VPPR Alexandra.

The birthday celebration started with a musical performance by guest guitarist Wei Kai, VPM Chee Hoe and Treasurer Wai Yee. This was followed by a sensational performance by Grace Tan who sang “Hey Jude”. With her star power, she had all of us singing along with her. We then had a hilarious Games session conducted by Past President James Arokiasamy. Quick thinking skill was required for this impromptu Q&A session which our guests sportingly participated and were grilled by the Past Presidents of Friendship. Well done James, it was a very enjoyable session!

Enjoying the games session.
From left: Daphne, PP Freddie Yap, DTM Rolf Chew,
Hui Woon, Han Sen, Kelly & Viet Ha

After blowing out the birthday candles, we were treated to an impromptu performance by David “Ronan Keating” Lai who sang “When you say nothing at all”. Next, we invited our special guest, DTM Rolf Chew to say a few words. Rolf is a District Officer from District 85 (Toastmasters clubs in China, Hong Kong and Macau). He is a Malaysian working in China and he said he enjoyed the meeting and was grateful to TF Lee for extending the invitation to him.

As all good things must come to an end, the following awards were presented before we ended the meeting.

Best Project Speaker – the eloquent Tan Lay Theng
Best Speech Evaluator – the vivacious Kim Chow
Friendship Idol – the amazing Grace Tan

PP Tan Lay Theng is the Best Project Speaker

Kim Chow wins the Best Speech Evaluator award

Congratulations to Grace Tan, our Friendship Idol!

Thank you to all our Past Presidents and current President of Friendship. Without your excellent and dedicated leadership over the years, we would not be able to celebrate our birthday with 18 guests. May we have many more successful years and celebrate many more achievements!

Friendship Presidents
From left: KC Lim, Tan Lay Theng, Kim Chow, TL Wuan (PP and founding member),
Freddie Yap, Zaiton, James Arokiasamy and Tony Lim.