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Photos @ 19 Apr 2011

Report by Angeline Lee, VPE cum Area W3 Governor

Angeline Lee

Visionary Leadership

There was a slight delay before we started our Visionary Leadership meeting. Both our Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) and General Evaluator (GE) apologized for arriving late as they were stuck in the NKVE jam. After their arrival, it was smooth driving along Friendship highway and we enjoyed the ride with these two gentlemen in control of the Speech and the Evaluation Session of the journey.

Ian Tai the TME

First-timer TME Ian performed his role with gusto and enthusiasm. It was evident that he had prepared assiduously for his role. We were impressed with his TME skills as he showed no signs of nervousness and empowered (word of the day) all of us to have an awesome meeting. Well done, Ian!

We were also happy for first-timer Table Topics Master Daphne. She spoke clearly and with confidence, repeated the question, and mentioning the speaker's name, just like in a Table Topics Contest. Bravo, Daphne!

Her table topics volunteers, Phileo, Sylvia, Ian, Wai Yee and Susan, answered questions relating to the leadership meeting theme. As Susan had presented a Leadership speech at our 5 April meeting, she spoke smoothly and assuredly on “If you are a manager, how would you help your subordinate who is less confident?” She suggested that we affirm their worth and potential before kindly and gently sharing with them on areas of improvement.

Susan Lim, Best Table Topics Speaker

Past President Lay Theng had us intrigued with the term “solo camping”. Describing her “48 Hours Home Alone” experience in the lush tropical rainforest of Malaysia, her encounters with a scorpion and a monkey provided ample opportunity for her to display her vocal variety. Her evaluator, Past President Kim, declared her speech A+, with A for Awesome.

Like the Canadian goose soft toy that Kwok Hung provided for his Visual Aid speech, our “Nature’s lessons for Leaders” speaker flew in from the Northern hemisphere and landed on Friendship shore, to seek warmer weather. He delighted us with stories of Stephen the Squirrel, Benjamin the Beaver and Lucy, the Canadian Goose. Who would have thought that Theta’s travelling CEO (Chief Everything Officer) would have an arsenal of soft toys up his sleeve?

From left: Sylvia, Kwok Hung, Phileo and IPP Ben Fong

Was it “The Curse” as claimed by IPP Ben Fong when he found out two weeks ago that he was given a speaking slot for 19 April? He presented a hilarious and highly entertaining tale of how events seem to conspire against him while he was preparing for his speech. It was an AA (Absolutely Awesome) speech for its humorous content and I wished that it has been recorded so that we can enjoy it all over again.

Congratulations to IPP Ben Fong who has completed his ten speeches for his Advanced Communicator Bronze award. Well done to our IPP, as he was also the Best Project Speaker for this meeting!

PP Ben Fong receiving his well-deserved ACB pin

After a short break, GE Johnson Yike DTM from D’Utama Toastmasters Club took over the Evaluation session. To each of the evaluation from Chee Hoe, Alexandra, Kim and Angeline, he added further insights to help all our speakers improved. Thank you, GE Johnson.

From left: PP Kim Chow, GE Johnson Yike DTM, SAA Sivadas, Treasurer Wai Yee & VPM Chee Hoe

The award winners of our Visionary Leadership meeting are
Best Table Topics Speaker – Susan Lim
Best Project Speaker – Ben Fong
Best Speech Evaluator – Angeline Lee
Competent Communicator (CC) Pin – Chor Chee Hoe
District 51 Achieving Greatness Together Pin – Chor Chee Hoe
Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) Pin – Ben Fong

Chee Hoe receiving his CC pin and D51 pin from Acting President Angeline Lee

We also wish to bid a warm welcome to our newest member Sylvia! We hope Sylvia will enjoy her personal development journey in the areas of communication and leadership skills with her new Friendship family.

Sylvia, our newest member, receiving her Competent Communicator manual from Acting President Angeline Lee

For our 25 May meeting, VPM Chee Hoe is planning a few surprises for us for our Friendship birthday celebration. Friendship members, vote for your favourite Friendship Idol! The criteria is that this person is friendly, dedicated and attends meeting regularly. You have up to 3 May to send in your vote to our hard-working VPM. Results will be announced on 25 May.

Before our 25 May birthday celebration, we shall meet at our Annual General Meeting on 3 May. We will be electing the Club Officers for the term 2011/2012. Join us and exercise your right to choose who will be the next generation of Friendship leaders.

Newsletter_Volume 9 Issue 16

Volume 9 Issue 16

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
Alexandra Lau is the current editor. 

Alexandra Lau, VPPR

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Meeting Programme_19 Apr 2011

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meeting Notice

Angeline Lee, VPE cum Area W3 Governor

Dear Friendship Members

Right after our April 16 - 17 Speechcraft weekend, it will be time for us to meet again.
For our Visionary Leadership meeting, Ian will be proving to us that he will be able to handle the stressful fun of being a first-timer TME. He said yes to the TME role without a moment a hesitation, inspired by Past President James performance during our 5 April Magical Transformation meeting.
One of the qualities of being a leader is the courage to improve, to take up new challenges and to discover new frontiers of possibilities. Many of our Friendship family members will be proving once again that they are serious in their pursuit of being better leaders by taking up meeting roles in our upcoming meeting.
TME Ian, our aspiring leader, is working assiduously on his Competent Leadership manual where the TME role is available for 5 out of the 10 leadership projects in this manual. Joining TME Ian will be
Table Topics Master Daphne who is enjoying her Toastmasters journey and can't wait to try out a new role. This leadership role requires her to prepare questions that will be challenging, engaging and fun when our members work on their impromptu speaking skills.
Project Speakers Andy, Lay Theng, Kwok Hung and Ben will be presenting their prepared speeches. A leader who is not able to communicate his ideas will not be able to lead a group of people towards a common set of goals. Our project speakers will be working on their communication skills as they convey their vision, their ideas, and their hopes to us.
General Evaluator DTM Johnson is visiting from D'Utama Toastmasters Club. This eloquent Toastmasters loves to take part in speech contests and has represented Division B at District 51 Humourous Speech Contest in Oct 2009.
His team of evaluators Chee Hoe, Alexandra, Kim and Angeline will be working on another leadership aspect which is providing constructive and motivating feedback. This leadership skill is important to motivate a group of people towards achieving common goals.
Grammarian Susan, Ah Counter Wai Yee and Timer Sivadas will be helping out in the language evaluation and time management portion of our meeting. These are also roles that are evaluated in our Competent Leadership projects.
Join us at our Visionary Leadership meeting on 19 April and walk with us in our leadership journey. A journey with many friends will seem short, sweet and simple, with Destination Success just within reach.
Your VPE,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Photos @ 05 Apr 2011

Report by Angeline Lee, VPE cum Area W3 Governor

Angeline Lee

Magical Transformation

At our “Magical Transformation” 5 April 2011 meeting, Past President James Arokiasamy who was our TME asked us, “How are you feeling?” Then he held up a cue card with the word “AWESOME” written on it. Indeed, it was awesome as we had 7 visiting Toastmasters from 5 clubs! They are
  • General Evaluator, Geoff Andrew DTM from MIM KL
  • Invocation speaker, Mohamad Abdullah DTM from MII
  • Evaluators Daniel Teh and Jocelyn Lim, and guest Alireza from AFC
  • Evaluator, V.S. Ravi from UEM
  • Patrick Lim from ITC Bintang
Another awesome fact was that we had 4 non-Toastmasters guests and two of them, Rosalie and Sylvia, signed up as members!

From L: Rosalie (guest), Jocelyn (Evaluator from AFC), Phileo, Sylvia (guest), VPPR Alexandra, PP Lay Theng & Alireza (AFC)

Geoff Andrew DTM, the General Evaluator, was full of praise for TME James. In his opinion, James was charismatic and brought credibility as well as humour to his role. He also shared with us that 7 years ago, James took the trouble to help him translate his speech into Tamil and coached him. Subsequently, Geoff delivered this speech at a Tamil Toastmasters meeting.

James Arokiasamy is in his element, performing as the TME

For her highly entertaining speech, Past President Lay Theng won the Best Project Speaker award hands down. Her school day photos from 1982 and 1984 showing her unsmiling countenance, made us laugh out loud when she told us that her body language (facial expression) was not telling the truth. She then showed us a photo from 2010 with her charming smile and had us agreeing that she has made vast improvement in her resolution to improve in her body language.

PP Lay Theng is Best Project Speaker

DTM Geoff made the evaluation session an awesome learning experience. In his opinion, the meeting was a quality meeting because it was well-run. Thank you, DTM Geoff, for the quality evaluation session.

Geoff Andrew DTM in action as the GE. Looking on are PP Lay Theng, Alireza (AFC) and President Zaiton

From L: Ian, Grace, Mohamad Abdullah DTM, PP Freddie Yap and Andy 

The award winners for our Magical Transformation meeting are
Best Table Topics Speaker – Grace Tan
Best Project Speaker – Tan Lay Theng
Best Speech Evaluator – Ravi (UEM)
Half CC Ribbon – Tan Lay Theng
Ice Breaker Ribbon – Andy Supramaniam

The amazing Grace is Best Table Topics Speaker
Ravi from UEM is Best Speech Evaluator

PP Lay Theng receiving her half CC ribbon from President Zaiton

Andy receiving the Ice Breaker ribbon for his Ice Breaker speech  delivered on 15 March

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to VPPR Alexandra for diligently sending out Facebook invitations. Her effort paid off because Patrick of ITC Bintang attended our meeting.

Patrick (ITC Bintang) decided to attend our meeting after receiving a Facebook invitation

Susan shared with us that at our 8 February meeting, she felt downcast after delivering her Timer report. The next day, Past President Kim called her up and her encouraging words made Susan’s day. Thank you, Past President Kim for your prescient observation and your thoughtful gesture, showing us yet another example of friends helping friends to succeed.

Our next meeting will be on 19 April with the meeting theme “Visionary Leadership”. Ian has quickly said yes to the TME role in his quest to work on his leadership skills. We have absolutely no doubt that this first-timer TME who is also working on his Competent Leadership manual will prepare assiduously for his role.

Every meeting is an opportunity to seize the day and work towards being a better you – a capable speaker and leader. See you soon on 19 April at our “Visionary Leadership” meeting !

Newsletter_Volume 9 Issue 15

Volume 9 Issue 15

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
Alexandra Lau is the current editor. 

Alexandra Lau, VPPR
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Meeting Programme_05 Apr 2011

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