Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meeting Notice

Angeline Lee, VPE cum Area W3 Governor

Dear Friendship Members

Right after our April 16 - 17 Speechcraft weekend, it will be time for us to meet again.
For our Visionary Leadership meeting, Ian will be proving to us that he will be able to handle the stressful fun of being a first-timer TME. He said yes to the TME role without a moment a hesitation, inspired by Past President James performance during our 5 April Magical Transformation meeting.
One of the qualities of being a leader is the courage to improve, to take up new challenges and to discover new frontiers of possibilities. Many of our Friendship family members will be proving once again that they are serious in their pursuit of being better leaders by taking up meeting roles in our upcoming meeting.
TME Ian, our aspiring leader, is working assiduously on his Competent Leadership manual where the TME role is available for 5 out of the 10 leadership projects in this manual. Joining TME Ian will be
Table Topics Master Daphne who is enjoying her Toastmasters journey and can't wait to try out a new role. This leadership role requires her to prepare questions that will be challenging, engaging and fun when our members work on their impromptu speaking skills.
Project Speakers Andy, Lay Theng, Kwok Hung and Ben will be presenting their prepared speeches. A leader who is not able to communicate his ideas will not be able to lead a group of people towards a common set of goals. Our project speakers will be working on their communication skills as they convey their vision, their ideas, and their hopes to us.
General Evaluator DTM Johnson is visiting from D'Utama Toastmasters Club. This eloquent Toastmasters loves to take part in speech contests and has represented Division B at District 51 Humourous Speech Contest in Oct 2009.
His team of evaluators Chee Hoe, Alexandra, Kim and Angeline will be working on another leadership aspect which is providing constructive and motivating feedback. This leadership skill is important to motivate a group of people towards achieving common goals.
Grammarian Susan, Ah Counter Wai Yee and Timer Sivadas will be helping out in the language evaluation and time management portion of our meeting. These are also roles that are evaluated in our Competent Leadership projects.
Join us at our Visionary Leadership meeting on 19 April and walk with us in our leadership journey. A journey with many friends will seem short, sweet and simple, with Destination Success just within reach.
Your VPE,

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