Sunday, March 27, 2016

Grammarian Report - 15th March 2016

Word of the day

WoTD : Delirium
Meaning: A state of extreme excitement of happiness
Example: Arsenal fans are in delirium after the team scored the winning goal. 

Idiom of the Day 

IoTD: Bring the house down
Meaning : give a very successful performance 
Example: If he sings like that on Saturday, he'll bring the house down. 

Good usage of language / Good phrases

  1. Buying my time
  2. Follow your heart to come up here
  3. Regrets can be good for your future
  4. When there's love, the is life
  5. Lawyers are liars 
  6. When I see my husband growing horizontally 
  7. You got all your fat to keeps us warm 
  8. Toastmaster of courage 

Grammatical errors/inappropriate usage of word(s)

  1. No one take it seriously --- No one takes it seriously 
  2. Call general evaluator --- Call the general evaluator 
  3. Talking nothing --- Talked nothing
  4. The female's heart --- The women's heart 
  5. first prepare speaker --- first prepared speech speaker
  6. got ill --- fell ill
  7. as I explain just now --- I have explained just now 
  8. in 10 minutes --- in every 10 minutes 
  9. dead bed --- death bed
  10. small things --- little things 
  11. it has a lot of cells --- there are a lot of cells 

Grammarian Report - 1st March 2016

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Word of the day

WoTD : Wondrous
Meaning: Extremely and surprisingly good   
Example: Friendship Toastmasters club has a wondrous meeting today.  

Idiom of the Day 

IoTD: Gift of the gab
Meaning : To say that somebody has the gift of the gab means that they are able to speak confidently and easily 
Example: As a politician, not only is he competent, but he has the gift of the gab too!

Good usage of language / Good phrases

  1. Feel her eagle eyes 
  2. A surge of relieved 
  3. Jump at the opportunity to speak up 
  4. Dramatic shift 
  5. Treat subject with passion 
  6. Leave them contemplating in our imagination 
  7. Plot & twists 
  8. Practice makes prefect 
  9. A shiny example 
  10. Fake it until you make it 
  11. Duck above the water paddled very hard 

Grammatical errors/inappropriate usage of word(s)

  1. Everyone want to ----- [everyone wants to . . . . ]
  2. Share opinion towards life -----[Share our opinion/view about our life]
  3. whoever take my ride -----[whoever takes my ride]
  4. every of table topics speaker -----[every table topics speaker / All the table topics speakers]
  5. biggest fear was the public speaking -----[biggest fear is public speaking]
  6. I had never the chance -----[I never had the chance/T do not have the chance]
  7. I am not only knowing -----[Not only I know]
  8. The first speaker which (Who) is NAME

Saturday, March 26, 2016

26 March 2016 - Don't Count the Days, Make the Days Count

Good day! It is time for update on our meeting again! This time, we have came out with a theme “Don't Count the Days, Make the Days Count” by Muhammad Ali.

I believe we all have our own goals in our lives – could be the big ones, the small ones, or the ones we might be romanticizing a little further from our reach. But no matter what the size or depth of the goal, we are on a path to achieve it. No matter what your goal or how near or far away you are from it, please bear in mind--- Don't count the days make the days count. Don't set the goal and then think just because you set it that it's just a matter of time before you arrive at it. Set the goal, and then spend every day making the path shorter, making all the energy you put into the success you're looking for count.

Waking up every day in the morning and make full use of every second in your life is making your days count. Do your best in everything in life, take risks, do something new, be kind and responsible are also the ways to make your days count. J You only live once, right? So make sure there won’t be regrets when you look back your life. Don’t make every day just another statistic or another X mark on your calendar. Make it count, make it special, and make it a quality day...Make it your own!

The evening was gracefully kicked off by first timer LimTerng Fui as the Toastmaster of the evening. 

Ng Lai Leng, CC chaired the Table Topics session. 

Six brave souls came to the stage and demonstrated their impromptu speech. 

1. Everything happens for a reason - Abel (visiting Toastmasters)
2. If tomorrow is your last day, what will you do today? - Edrea Poh, CC  
3. Words not said, actions note taken - Chor Chee Hoe, ACS, ALB 
4. Follow your heart or mind - Lim Terng Fui 
5. Any regrets in life - Thava (guest) 
6. Life begins at the end of comfort zone - Nichloas (guest) 

Our first project speaker, Stanley Lo delivered CC#2 - Organize your speech
Title : What is the purpose of life?

Stanley shared a very rich experience he learnt from his teacher who reminded him the
purpose of life in this era of material and fast pace society. This brings us back to the basic 
principles of loving people - easier said than done. 

In the simplest form of love, one could slow down the pace of life, be thankful and 
capture every moment that matters to you!

Our second project speaker, Malynda Tan delivered CC#4 - How to say it 
Title : How RPGT applies to you in Malaysia 

Malynda shared useful tips to house owners on the best time to dispose your properties and some regulations around RPGT in Malaysia. One of the most important takeaway from this chambering student's speech is to choose your lawyer wisely to ensure your interest is well protected! 

Our third project speaker, Edrea Poh, CC delivered Advanced Manual (The Entertaining Speaker) - Project #1 - The Entertaining Speech 
Title : The keys to lasting relationship 

Edrea shared a real life love story with us, her parents'  true love story. It started with day-to-day small little arguments and how the couple worked towards improving their relationship by compromising and completing each other. 

Two core values to every relationship; Communication and Positiveness  

Communication is a 2 way traffic - the sender and the receiver needs to receive the same message in order to be effective. Tips to this is to communicate openly and directly! (Try it!) 

Happy people also focuses on the positive aspects in any situation. The law of attraction says: Positive attracts positive. With us starting to be positive, we can be a magnet and attract more good things in life! 

Our fourth project speaker, Benz Chan, CC delivered Advanced Manual (Speaking to Inform) - Project #4 - A Fact Finding Report 
Title : Cancer 

Research shown that one out of 4 Malaysian will develop cancer by the age of 75 years old. Benz, being a medical rep shares his research and some statistics conducted by various studies in the world on cancer. Very informative session indeed! 

- Evaluation is the key to Toastmasters - 

We are grateful to have a panel of evaluators to provide feedback to our fellow speakers to further challenge their performance! 

Joseph Wong, ACB, CL (TARC TMC)

Cheah Beng Tack (KPMG KL TMC)

Chor Chee Hoe, ACS, ALB

Keny Tai 

Sylvia Tan, ACB, CL 

                                       Award Time!!!!!

Best table topic speaker goes to.... Chor Chee Hoe, ACS, ALB

Best prepared speech goes to..... Stanley Lo! 

Best Speech Evaluator Goes to..... Cheah Beng Tack!

A big thank You to Edwin Wong, CC (AirProducts TMC) for being the General Evaluator for this meeting! 

As usual the club meeting ended with photo taking session and networking time! 

Word of the Day: Delirium
Meaning: A state of extreme excitement or happiness.
surprisingly good
Example of Usage: I have never seen such delirium at a toastmasters meeting before. 

Idiom of the day : Bring the house down 
Meaning: Give a very successful performance
Example of Usage: If he sings like that on Saturday, he will bring the house down. 

Ng Lai Leng 
Vice President of Public Relations of Term 2015/2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

1 March 2016 - If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Good day! It is time for update on our meeting again! This time, we have came out with a theme “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” inspired by Walt Disney.

Very often, we are guided by the past experience that we had and we created a veil of excuses and resistance to go beyond our comfort zone. We must acknowledge that the power of dreams within ourselves is limitless. Let's take a closer look at the our theme. 

The first part, “If you can dream it,” to me says “If you can put the thoughts that make up a thing together in your head” while the second part, “You can do it.” to me says “You can make that thought a reality.” So to me, this quote is about dreaming great and beautiful things, and making them so powerful in your head that you simply must make them come to life.
Once you have a sufficiently big reason why something must be done, the actual doing simply becomes a number game. Ask often enough for help, assistance, and support and share a compelling dream, then you will eventually make it happen. Of course, there is no free lunch in this world. Great length of time, late nights or maybe waking up early morning, massive effort (which might gain you another failure, again and again), these are part of the price you will pay, if you are to make your dream a reality. And that’s where the inspiration and motivation comes in and they keep the fire burning when the world tries to pour cold water over you and your dream.

After all, Picasso did not wait until he was Picasso to perform as a Picasso. 

The evening was gracefully kicked off by first timer Malynda Tan as the Toastmaster of the evening. 

Edrea Poh, CC chaired the Table Topics session. 

"If you only have $xx and (country) with only one (transportation) available, how would you spend your day with your loved one? 

Four brave souls came to the stage and demonstrated their impromptu speech. 

1. Lim Terng Fui 
2. Keny Tai  
3. Jane 
4. Kelvin 

Our first project speaker, Carrie Ooi delivered CC#2 - Organize your speech
Title : Dream It, Fake It, Become It

Carrie shared how she overcome her fear of public speaking. She believes in authenticity of speech and always have passion for the subject. Last but not least, practice makes perfect! 

Our second project speaker, Lim Terng Fui delivered CC#5 - Your body speaks  
Title : Travel like a local  

Terng Fui started his first backpack trip to Brussels in 2010. It was winter and the air was so dry that he got a nosebleed! He was touched when a local came to the rescue, stopped his nosebleed and even offered him a breakfast! This changed his perspective about travel. Travel is not just about sight-seeing, shopping, food-hunting. Travel is the touch between the people, meet various people, experience thing in a different angle and you can make your world bigger.

Our third project speaker, Chor Chee Hoe, ACS, ALB delivered CC#6 - Vocal Variety   
Title : My Confession 

Chee Hoe introduced a medical jargon - "hyperhidrosis" to the crowd. In layman's term, it means he has sweaty palms most of the time. There were moment of embarrassment however it struck Chee Hoe how lucky he is when he joined in the National Service and got to know the blind ones. You can choose to see the difference as an unlucky inheritance, or choose to see it as an opportunity for your strength! 
                                   Award Time!!!!!

Best prepared speech goes to....... Chor Chee Hoe, ACS, ALB! 

                       Best Speech Evaluator Goes to Tan Lay Theng, ACB, ALS! 

As usual the club meeting ended with photo taking session and networking time! 

Word of the Day: Wondrous 
Meaning: Extremely and surprisingly good
surprisingly good
Example of Usage: FTMC has a wondrous meeting today. 

Idiom of the day : Gift of the gab 
Meaning: To say that somebody has the gift of the gab means that he/she is able to speak confidently and easily.
Example of Usage: As a politician, not only he is competent, but he has the gift of the gab too. 

Ng Lai Leng 
Vice President of Public Relations of Term 2015/2016