Sunday, June 26, 2016

21 Jun 2016 - Push Yourself, Don't settle, Just Live

Our meeting theme was inspired from the hottest movie in town - Me before You - “Push Yourself, Don’t Settle, Just Live

A bittersweet story about love, learning and letting go. This story stirs up the emotion of audience as it is real and gritty. There is laughter and sadness. It will make you feel uncomfortable at times but hopeful and thankful for the moment you have. The story does not preach what is right or wrong or try to sway you from one way or another. It’s the “everything” book. One that stays with you long after it is finished. It will “score your heart”. Sometimes six months can be the best six months of your life.

This is probably the conversation that the audience couldn’t forget. “Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Wear those stripy legs with pride…Knowing you still have possibilities is a luxury…Just live well. Just live.” so, give all out and push yourself beyond limit.

The evening was gracefully kicked off by Ng Lai Leng, CC as the Toastmaster of the evening. 

Esten Tan, CC welcomes our newest member, Helen Lai by having an induction ceremony. 
Helen will be mentored by Lai Leng, CC who will guide her through her Toastmasters journey. 

June Gan, first time chairing the table topics session. The table topics blended very well to the meeting theme. 

We have 5 table topic speakers to try out the thought provoking topics. 
Lim Terng Fui - Push yourself because no one else will do it for you 
                                Esten Tan, CC - What is the most inspirational piece of advice you have received?
CP Lau, ACB, ALB - What gets you out of bed in the morning? 
Sivadas, CC - When is it okay to not push yourself? 

Geok Ean, CC, CL - Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest until your good is better, your better is best
Our first project speaker, Helen Lai delivered Project #1 Ice Breaker 
Title : My Journey 

Friendship Toastmasters club is honored to be the destination of Helen's journey. 

Our second project speaker, Keny Tai delivered Project #10 Inspire Your Audience  

Title : Wait No More 

What are the '10 things people regret before they die?" This inspiring speech by Keny reminded us 3 basic principles in our hectic lives: 
1. Make time for family
2. Speak your mind, do not hold back
3. Pursue your dream 

Our third project speaker, Sylvia Tan, ACB, CL delivered Project #5 The Oratorical Speech <Advance Communicator Manual - The Interpretive Reading>

Title : Barack Obama's New Hampshire Primary Speech

Members were greatly inspired by Obama's Presidential Speech, Sylvia version. 

- Evaluation is the key to Toastmasters - 

We are grateful to have a panel of evaluators to provide feedback to our fellow speakers to further challenge their performance! 

Benny Chia, IPP ITC Bintang Toastmasters Club was the Table topic evaluator. 
Tan Geok Ean, CC, CL - Evaluator for Helen Lai 
Tan Lay Theng, ACB, ALB - Evaluator for Keny Tai 
Chor Chee Hoe, ACS, ALB - Evaluator for Sylvia Tan, ACB, CL 

                                               Award Time!!!!!

Best table topic speaker goes to.... Tan Geok Ean, CC, CL 

Best prepared speech goes to Helen Lai! 

Best Speech Evaluator Goes to.... Tan Lay Theng, ACB, ALB. 

A big thank You to CP Lau, ACB, ALB (Money Mastery KL TMC) for being the General Evaluator for this meeting! 

As usual, the meeting ends with photo-taking and networking session. Looking forward to the next meeting! 

Word of the Day: Wondrous
Meaning: Extremely and surprisingly good
surprisingly good
Example of Usage: A wondrous sight 

Idion of the Day: Having a whale of a time 
Meaning : Have a very good or exciting or fun time 
Example of Usage: We really had a whale of a time in the party. 

Ng Lai Leng 
Vice President of Public Relations of Term 2015/2016