Thursday, June 14, 2012

Club Meeting 15 May 2012

At Friendship’s Annual General Meeting, the 2011/2012 team of Club Officers presented their respective reports.

President – Angeline Lee
Vice President Education - Chor Chee Hoe
Vice President Membership - Alexandra Lau
Vice President Public Relations – on behalf of Susan Lim
Treasurer - Ian Tai
Secretary - Daphne Au
Sergeant-At-Arms – on behalf of Andy Supramaniam

This was followed by the election of Club Officers for term 2012/2013. Congratulations to 

President - Alexandra Lau
Vice President Education - Daphne Au
Vice President Membership - Sylvia Tan
Vice President Public Relations - Ian Tai
Treasurer - Vivien Kok
Secretary - Chor Chee Hoe
Sergeant-At-Arms - Sivadas

(From left) The 2012/2013 Club Officers are VPPR Ian, SAA Sivadas, Secretary Chee Hoe, President Alexandra, IPP Angeline, VPE Daphne and Treasurer Vivien

Right after the AGM, Nancy presented her Competent Communication speech no. 2 titled “The Beginning of My Career Life”. She spoke eloquently, sharing with us her transition from student life to working life in Melbourne. After visiting her ailing uncle, she decided that home is where the heart is. We are very glad that Nancy has also decided to make Friendship a part of her life!

Nancy receiving her Ice Breaker Ribbon. She presented her Ice Breaker speech on 17 April

Past President Freddie was Nancy’s speech evaluator and he was ready to present his evaluation report, immediately after her speech. Needless to say, it was a superb evaluation for a superb speaker.

The following awards were presented before our meeting ended:

Ice Breaker Ribbon – Nancy Soo
CL Ribbon - Vice President Education Chee Hoe
District 51 Blue Pin - Vice President Education Chee Hoe
Select Distinguished Club Award – presented to Friendship Club during the 2012 KL Convention

VPE Chee Hoe receiving his CL Ribbon and District 51 Pin

(From left) Past President Freddie, VPE Chee Hoe with his CL Ribbon, Nancy with her Ice Breaker Ribbon, Past President Teresa (holding Friendship's Select Distinguished Club award) and Club President Angeline

A special note of thanks to Past President Teresa, who attends our AGM every year, without fail. Her gentle encouragement and support for Friendship Club is much appreciated. Once again, she has graciously accepted the role of Club Auditor for 2012/2013, together with Past President Freddie.

On 1 July 2012, the newly elected club officers’ duties will begin and it will also mark a new beginning for Friendship Toastmasters Club.

President-elect Alexandra, Daphne, Sylvia, Ian, Vivien, Chee Hoe and Sivadas, we wish you all the best, as you carry out your duties and responsibilities as the new generation of Friendship leaders !

Meeting Programme 15 May 2012

Meeting Notice 15 May 2012

From: Club President Angeline Lee
Date: 11 May 2012 3:08 PM
Subject: Friendship AGM on Tues 15 May 2012
To: Friendship Members

Dear Friendship Members,
In a few days' time we shall be meeting up for an important event, our club's Annual General Meeting. The nomination list as announced during our 8 May meeting is as follow:

President - Alexandra Lau
VPE - Daphne Au
VPM - Sylvia Tan
VPPR - Ian Tai
Treasurer - Vivien Kok
Secretary - Chor Chee Hoe
SAA - Sivadas

Please join us to reflect, elect and support the next generation of leaders for Friendship Toastmasters Club. We hope all members are able to attend and let your voice be heard and your vote be counted on our important club matters.

See you on 15 May!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Club Meeting 8 May 2012

Toastmaster of the Evening Ian aptly described Self-Actualization as potential given to you and I, potential which we do not yet know of.


For the Invocation provided by Timothy Nakayama from Mid Valley Toastmasters Club, he spoke of a friend that we all know – fear! He urged us to face our fears, acknowledge our fears and use our fears to make us better than what we are today.


Table Topics Master Daphne prepared topics related to Self-Actualization, our meeting theme. The best investment Freddie has made is the time spent with his children, to raise them to be useful citizens.

Past President Freddie

We were interested to know what Moses would share with us about relationships. He had us laughing when he told us he would not be talking about romantic relationship. In his younger days he had decided that knowledge comes first. Although he wished that he had found out about Toastmasters earlier, he is glad he is able to connect with his Toastmaster friends thru Facebook and the photos that he posted regularly.

Our meeting photos were provided by Moses

Timothy’s family was important to him as blood is thicker than water. Even though his parents may scold him, he knows that they care about him.

It was a treat to have two of our guests trying out Table Topics. Courageous Zanariah, guest of Past President Lay Theng told us that her hobby is dancing. She enjoys salsa dancing as it helps her to relax.

Ean, guest of Sylvia, shared with us that she has decided to pursue her dreams after she was inspired by Sylvia to do so. This was her first step towards self-actualization, doing her Table Topic speech!

Vivien, Ean and Sylvia

Vivien, who had delivered her Ice Breaker speech on 17 April, presented her second speech. In her “Just Read” speech, she told us that she started with books that had just one word on each page and progressed to books with thousands of pages. Whenever she felt bored, she reached for a book and was instantly transported to exotic locations. She ended with, “Let’s not wait anymore. Grab a book and start reading. My target right now is the CC manual!” It was music to the ears of any VPE.

In Sylvia’s tenth speech, she told us of an unforgettable moment in her life when her father scolded her. She became insecure and withdrew into her own world. After her colleague accused her of stealing her ideas, she decided to look for another job. During one of her interview sessions, she was asked to consider joining Toastmasters. She was intrigued and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Friendship Club. Bolstered by her mentors, she learnt a new mantra, “I love myself!” Now, she feels she is unstoppable in her determination, drive and desire to succeed.

Club President Angeline presenting Sylvia with her CC pin

For Past President Ben’s speech on “3R”, it was an environmentally friendly speech about how we can do our part to save our planet. He urged us to Reduce unnecessary purchase of products, Reuse by donating, and Recycle used aluminum can, paper and plastic.

Past President Ben who advocates going green

During the break Ean confessed that she was glad that TME Ian had volunteered her for Table Topics. She had wanted to try out but fear held her back. After delivering her Table Topic speech she felt jubilation (word of the day) and at the same time, a desire to improve further in her impromptu speaking skills. When she promised she would be filling up our membership form at the end of the meeting, I also felt jubilation!

Ean is Best Table Topic Speaker

General Evaluator, Area G4 Governor Thiagarajah Nesan, was humorous and generous in his tips on how to be better speakers. Not only did he cleverly explain why he was the descendant of a dragon, he also shared his Table Topic tips. Just state whether you agree or disagree on the topic given, give two main points and then summarize on why you agree or disagree. Just by doing that, he won the first Table Topics Area Contest that he took part in, as a 4 months old Toastmaster!

Our GE receiving a green Thank You card and a green eco bag

Just before we ended our Self-Actualization meeting, several awards were presented. They were 

Best Table Topic Speaker – Geok Ean 
Best Project Speaker – Sylvia Tan
Best Speech Evaluator – Tan Lay Theng
Ice Breaker Ribbon – Vivien Kok

CC Pin - Sylvia Tan

Past President Lay Theng (left) is Best Speech Evaluator

Vivien receiving her Ice Breaker Ribbon

Thank you to Past President Ben for sponsoring 4 eco bags as prizes for the 3 Best Speakers and Best Evaluator winners as well as a gift for our GE.

Last but not least, the following awards were presented by Kimmy Foo, our charming Area W3 Governor.

District 51 Pin for CL award – Chor Chee Hoe
District 51 Pin for ALB award – Angeline Lee

Area Governor Kimmy (right) presenting two District 51 Pins

Meeting Programme 8 May 2012

Newsletter 8 May 2012

Volume 10 Issue 19

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
President Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
VPM Alexandra Lau was the editor from July 2010 to June 2011. 
VPPR Susan Lim is the current editor, assisted by Club Secretary Daphne Au.

Meeting Notice 8 May 2012

From: VPE Chor Chee Hoe 
Date: 4 May 2012 18:22
Subject: Friendship Meeting on 8 May 2012 - Self-actualisation

To: Friendship Members

My mind was overwhelmed by Dana LaMon's inspirational speech. Last Saturday, I chose to be a passionate Toastmaster by attending District 51 Annual Convention. Motivated by the speeches in the convention, I realised how to actualise my own potential and how to catalyse my personal growth. That's what our coming meeting theme is about - 'Self-actualisation'.

Besides being a responsible club treasurer, Our TME Ian Tai is also a young and talented author. His first book has received good responses in local book stores. He is now working on his second masterpiece.

Our General Evaluator is another testimony of 'Self-actualisation'. He is the current MAS Melor Toastmasters Club President and Area G4 Governor. How does he manage to take up these two important roles at the same time? How does he actualise his self-potential? You can find out more from him during the meeting. It's goint to be another enriching meeting!

Meeting Programme 17 April 2012

Newsletter 17 April 2012

Volume 10 Issue 18

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
President Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
VPM Alexandra Lau was the editor from July 2010 to June 2011. 
VPPR Susan Lim is the current editor, assisted by Club Secretary Daphne Au.

Meeting Notice 17 April 2012

From: VPE Chor Chee Hoe 
Date: 6 April 2012 14:05
Subject:  Friendship Meeting on 17 April 2012 – Life Is Variable

To: Friendship Members

Dear Friends,
Life is unpredictable! Life is variable! Life is always full of surprises!

Life is a fairy tale. Daphne Au often reminds us that life is like a fairy tale. As our TME, I believe she will direct us into wonderland !

Life is about fostering friendship. It's time for all Friendship members to reunite and welcome our newest member, Nancy Soo. She will be presenting her Ice Breaker speech. Let's give her the warmest Friendship support!

Life is about aspiration and inspiration. Be prepared to be inspired by our General Evaluator, DTM Sharmini Helen. DTM Sharmini was the first lady to be appointed as the President in CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club. As a polished speaker and an influential leader, she was also the first CIMA member to be elected as Area Governor and Division B Governor.

Life is variable! We will have something special for you in this meeting because life is full of surprises! It will be another fun and enriching meeting!

Together let's embrace and enjoy what we have in life! C'est la vie!

Meeting Programme 3 April 2012

Newsletter 3 April 2012

Volume 10 Issue 17

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
President Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
VPM Alexandra Lau was the editor from July 2010 to June 2011. 
VPPR Susan Lim is the current editor, assisted by Club Secretary Daphne Au.

Meeting Notice 3 April 2012

From: VPE Chor Chee Hoe
Date: 31 March 2012 13:27
Subject: Friendship Meeting on 3 April 2012 – Power of Imagination
To: Friendship Members

"First comes thought, then organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination." --- NAPOLEON HILL

We use our powers of imagination at work, to see the possibilities, and to see how it can be done. Imagination turns possibilities into reality. In Toastmasters, we also exercise our powers of imagination during Table Topics, Project Speeches and Evaluation. You may only imagine yourself to be a future public speaker, but with the effort you put in, it will become a reality!

On 3 April, our TME Moses Wong will pilot us into a night of imagination! With Invocator Grace, Table Topics Master Sylvia, speakers Daphne, Ian and Freddie, we will definitely enjoy another awesome meeting!

We are honoured to have Area G3 Governor, Victor Ong as our General Evaluator; and also a great line-up of visiting Toastmasters as our role players. Thank you Siew Ping, Kenneth and Stefanie for your enthusiasm in helping out!

See you on 3 April!