Sunday, June 3, 2012

Meeting Notice 8 May 2012

From: VPE Chor Chee Hoe 
Date: 4 May 2012 18:22
Subject: Friendship Meeting on 8 May 2012 - Self-actualisation

To: Friendship Members

My mind was overwhelmed by Dana LaMon's inspirational speech. Last Saturday, I chose to be a passionate Toastmaster by attending District 51 Annual Convention. Motivated by the speeches in the convention, I realised how to actualise my own potential and how to catalyse my personal growth. That's what our coming meeting theme is about - 'Self-actualisation'.

Besides being a responsible club treasurer, Our TME Ian Tai is also a young and talented author. His first book has received good responses in local book stores. He is now working on his second masterpiece.

Our General Evaluator is another testimony of 'Self-actualisation'. He is the current MAS Melor Toastmasters Club President and Area G4 Governor. How does he manage to take up these two important roles at the same time? How does he actualise his self-potential? You can find out more from him during the meeting. It's goint to be another enriching meeting!

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