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Area W3 Speech Contests on 18/08/2010

Extract from Area W3 blog

Area W3 Contest 18.08.10

Area W3 is proud to announce that our winning team consists of

Area W3 Humorous Speech Contest (HSC) Champion Aaron Lee (KPMG) and 1st runner up Brenda Loo (Exact ADC)

Area W3 Evaluation Contest Champion Grace Loh (KPMG) and 1st runner up Ben Fong (Friendship)

Friendship members at the contests led by President Zaiton

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Notice of Meeting

Message from VPE

From: Angeline Lee []
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 6:03 PM
Subject: Friendship 17 August Meeting - Achieving Greatness Together

Dear Friendship Members,

Greetings ! Next week we shall meet again and work towards Achieving Greatness Together.

This is the Toastmasters International and District 51 theme for 2010-2011. Here is a message from Pat Johnson, International President 2010–2011, who has selected this theme

I challenge each club leader to create an environment within our clubs where we elicit each individual’s greatness. And I ask each member to continue to challenge your self to grow and develop into the best communicator and leader you can be.

Norman Cousins sums up my thoughts and feelings on the concept of our Achieving Greatness Together within the Toastmasters program. He said, “If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality.” This is the gift we give, as well as receive, in our Toastmasters club environment. That is greatness!

For our Achieving Greatness Together meeting, it is only fitting that we have our distinguished and accomplished (Word of the Day) Past President KC Lim to be our magnificent maestro (in his TME role).

We have humorous Richard Solomon of AFC Toastmasters Club, as our Table Topics Master and Humour Master.

In the role of General Evaluator, we have Lee Wei Seong of D'Utama Toastmasters Club.

There will be 4 project speakers, you may have a look at the details in the attached program agenda. Our VPM will be making a special announcement. A mystery gift awaits. Find out more on 17 August.

Ladies & gentlemen, our Achieving Greatness Together meeting requires only one more roleplayer - the most important one of all - YOU as our audience. Join us and begin your journey of achieving greatness in your Toastmasters goal of becoming a better speaker and leader.

Best regards,
Angeline, VPE

Speech Contests_03 August 2010

Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Speech Contest

Report by Angeline Lee

Photos by Wai Yee and Chee Hoe

This year, the brave souls who aspired to be better speakers and evaluators are

Humorous Speech Contestants
Roslyn Tan
Tom Chen
Ben Fong
Kent Ho

Evaluation Contestants
Tom Chen
Ben Fong
Tony Lim

Audience at Friendship’s club contest on 3 August 2010

We will never know what exactly captivated the judges’ hearts. Was it his smile? Was it his singing ? Or was it his song choices? Our Humorous Speech Champion did not just sing one song, he sang several as he narrated his Roller-coaster Ride of Love.

To continue with the Love theme for this evening, our first runner-up for the Humorous Speech Contest spoke about “Relationship”. He shared with us that men are simple creatures. They only converse for 30 seconds and own 1 pair of shoes. Women on the other hand, being more emotional, are allowed to burst into tears for no reason and will be treated to free dinners by men. Since women are delicate, complex creatures his advice to other men is to treasure every moment with your partner and it is not necessary to understand the complex nature of the fairer sex.

Humorous Speech Champion 2010 - Kent Ho
1st Runner Up - Ben Fong
2nd Runner Up - Thomas Chen

Humorous Speech Champion Kent Ho

For the Evaluation Contest, our test speaker gave us several examples of his OMG (Oh My Gosh!) moments. His evaluators loved his smile, his confidence, his body language and animated facial expressions. The suggested areas for improvement would be his speech organization and speech value, and less usage of “you know”. His smile, although charming, was not appropriate for his OMG moment of being stuck in a traffic jam.

It could not have been an easy decision. Did the judges also have their OMG moments? In the end, the judges’ decision as who is worthy of the Evaluation Contest Champion title is

Evaluation Champion 2010 - Thomas Chen
1st Runner Up - Ben Fong

Evaluation Champion Thomas Chen

Contestants Sivadas, Tony Lim, Thomas Chen, Roslyn Tan, Kent Ho & Ben Fong

We had a number of guests for this “Love”ly evening. Among them are 6 members of YSP Club, Division G Governor NJ Singam and TLI Registration Chair Eu Choi San. Thank you everyone, for attending our club contest and helping out in many ways as roleplayers, as well as cheerful and supportive members of the audience.

Ang Boon Keat (YSP), Eu Choi San (TLI Registration Chair), Jess Fong (UNITAR), Ivan Yong (Test Speaker), Teresa Choong (Contest Chair), Wai Yee, Kent Ho, Chee Hoe, Miow Shiow Pyng (YSP), Division G Governor NJ Singan, Angeline

Congratulations to our winners ! The Area W3 Contest on 18 August at Menara ING awaits them. We wish them all the best as they meet up with the other contestants of Area W3. Will it be another evening of Roller-coaster Ride of Love for Kent? Join us at Menara ING and witness first-hand who will emerge as Area W3 Humorous Speech Champion and Evaluation Speech Champion.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Notice of Meeting

Angeline Lee

From: Angeline Lee
Date: 16 July 2010 21:39
Subject: Friendship Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests on 3 August 7 PM

Dear Members,

We have good news to share with everyone. It is time for our Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests !

Interested in knowing how good we can be if we regularly do our project speeches and learn from other great speakers ? Do watch this short video clip available at

Even these world champions had to start somewhere, by participating in their own club contests !

Friends, this is the perfect opportunity for you to be the next world champion. Soon, it will be your speech that will be featured in the above website. But first, you have to signed up to be a contestant at our club contest.

Remember this is the Finals. There will be no elimination rounds as we are all busy Toastmasters and have no time for semi-finals and quarter-finals matches. Our exclusive Friendship Humorous Speech Trophy and Evaluation Trophy awaits you. All you have to do is sign-up to be a contestant, prepare & practice your humorous speech and ... you may potentially be the next world champion after winning at our club contests.

Hope to hear from you soon, as in YES, you will be taking part in our contests.

Of course everyone will be looking forward to hearing your winning speech on 3 August at our regular meeting venue at Bukit Kiara.

All the best to all our potential world champions !

Best regards,
Angeline Lee
Organising Chair

Photos @ 20 July 2010

Report by PP Freddie Yap
Photos by Chor Chee Hoe

It doesn’t rain, it pours! That is exactly how the weather condition was like in Bukit Kiara, an hour before our meeting was scheduled to start. As expected, many of us were caught in the horrendous traffic snarls and arrived late. However, all was not lost because some of our “all seasons/all weather” FTMC members like Ben, Grace and President Zaiton were already there so what were we waiting for? The show must go on! …. declared our chirpy IPP Ben Fong, who was visibly “relieved” now that his President’s duties were all over.

Indeed the show started without a glitch. With a thunderous (pun intended) welcome by SAA Sivadass, President Zaiton was immediately invited to give her opening speech. Brimming with confidence, she executed her President’s speech with silky smoothness. Her delivery bore testimony that stage time was all you needed to hold your own.

The TME on duty, Freddie Yap

TME Freddie Yap then wasted no time in getting the meeting proceedings into full swing. Invocation presenter Grace Tan successfully inspired everyone by her sharing that if you wanted to be successful, you should help others to be successful too.

We then had our New Member Induction ceremony to induct our newest member, Emily Kok. It was conducted by our PP Tan Lay Theng who also committed herself to be Emily’s mentor. What a momentous start to a new term!

The induction ceremony of our newest member Emily Kok.

Table Topics Master Alexandra Lau later took centre stage by inviting members to take on the delectable table topics which revolved around the theme of the meeting i.e. Confidence, Leadership and Service. Grace Tan, IPP Ben Fong, guest Victor, Chor Chee Hoe and new member Emily Kok rose to the challenge and emerged victorious. All of them spoke with sincerity about what they thought of the topics given.

Our guest, Victor Lau was digesting his Table Topic from the Table Topics Master, Alexandra Lau.

The prepared speeches session saw Chee Hoe kicking off with a thought- provoking subject of urban poverty with a heart-rending story of Uma who had to “Slumber in the Summer Slum”.

The second speaker Alexandra articulated her thoughts on the power of forgiveness and what a simple “I’m sorry” could do to resolve an old conflict in her speech entitled “To forgive is divine”.

The last speaker Vincent Wong was his enigmatic self again when he sought agreement from the audience to use his handphone to play soft piano music to go with his speech. With no noticeable objections, Vincent proceeded to mesmerize everyone with his rendition of “The Bucket List”. Evidently, he outshone both Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman with his own version of what men want to accomplish in their last lap of their life. His evaluator Grace Tan showered praise on his manly appearance more than any aspects of his speech though!

After the tea break, everyone was served with a dose of endorphins by DTM Sivalingam of D’Utama TMC. He had everyone in stitches during the Humour session.

Our Humour Master, Sivalingam DTM, entertaining us with the hilarious jokes.

Our kind-hearted GE, Leong Oi Wah DTM.

Evaluation began with DTM Leong Oi Wah from Maicsa TMC holding court. The evluators-Ben, Tony and Grace certainly gave their all when giving their feedback as to how the speakers fared and suggested ways to improve.

For the record, Chee Hoe won the Best Project Speaker and Grace Tan won Best Table Topics Speaker as well as the Best Evaluator awards.

Chee Hoe is Best Project Speaker

Grace Tan is Best Table Topics Speaker and Best Evaluator

The evening ended on a high note with the President announcing that the club would be organizing a breakaway trip to historical city Malacca on 13 & 14 Nov 2010. The mission – leisure and learning two-in-one. Certainly an event to look forward to.

Our guest, Muniandy, has decided to be a member of Friendship!

Our guest, Matt Chin, sharing his opinion about our meeting.

Newsletter_Volume 9 Issue 1

Volume 9 Issue 1

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah, DTM, in 2000
Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009
Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010
Alexandra Lau is the current editor

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Meeting Programme_20 July 2010

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