Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friendship & Exact ADC Joint Meeting

Report by Angeline Lee, VPE, cum Area W3 Governor

Joint Meeting on 30.11.10

A question was asked 4 months ago, by Exact ADC Toastmasters Club to Friendship Toastmasters Club, “Shall we have a joint meeting?” Friendship members, being friendly people as our name implied, did not hesitate to reply, “Sure, why not?” This question lead to our two clubs meeting at G Tower on 30 November 2010, resulting in an evening of Infinite Possibilities.

Our newest member for Friendship leverage (Word of the Day) on the opportunity to do his Ice Breaker speech. Not only that, he had also taken to heart his Toastmasters pledge to bring guests to club meetings. Ian brought not just one, but two guests to this meeting, Scott and Jim.

Ian delivering his well prepared Ice Breaker speech

For the Table Topics session, Caroline, first-timer at the Table Topics Master role, gave us some interesting questions. Brenda explored the possibility of being Rachel Green, with Ross at her feet, adoring her with his puppy eyes, in the TV series “Friends”. Ian spoke of being David Beckham, while Susan was happy to talk about money growing on trees. Freddie took flight in his “If I could fly” impromptu speech. Our two guests, Scott and Jim, also leverage on the opportunity to do table topics and spoke of having super powers and travelling back in time.

In the prepared speech session, Brenda has us laughing at her tale of half an hour of joy as she peeked at a cute guy and he looked back. Not only did she entertain us with her tale of a schoolgirl crush, her message for us was to continue learning from birth to the day that we breathe our last.

Enjoying Brenda's speech !

Freddie took us to an alternate world where “If money is not a problem”, we would be paying our happy taxi drivers RM100 and asking them to keep the change. Andrew in his “Lazy Runner Does Penang” expounded on the pleasures of food and why he has to punish himself by running, after eating too much.

Our GE for this Infinite Possibilities meeting between Friendship and the equally friendly members of Exact ADC was Lee Wei Seong, Club Mentor Chair for Division W 2009/2010. He was eloquent in his sharing of his evaluation, and his wealth of experience enriched our evening.

His team of evaluators comprising of Soo Loon, Michelle of KPMG, Yuen Kai and Kim provided constructive feedback to our four project speakers. Kim was particularly impressive with her analogy of choppy Astro transmission during a rainy day and praising the speaker’s perseverance in delivering the project speech.

Grammarian Lay Theng, Ah Counter Ai Shiang and Timer Sivadas illuminated us on the good usage of language, the verbal crutches in our speeches and the areas of improvement for time management.

Right after the evaluation session, Wei Seong shared with us regarding mentoring. In his opinion, all of us are qualified to be mentors, as long as our heart is in it and we have some knowledge of the Toastmasters communication and leadership track. He stressed the importance of asking the mentees to select their mentors. After that, the mentors need to know their mentees’ aspirations and help to guide them in achieving their goals. Mentors, do not have doubt whether you are doing a good job, just do the best that you can as mentoring is not about teaching, it is about sharing.

Wei Seong receiving our token of appreciation

There were a number of awards presented to the talented club members of Area W3 on this fine evening of learning and enjoyment. The awards presented were

Best Table Topics Speaker – Freddie Yap
Best Project Speaker – Ian Tai
Best Speech Evaluator – Kim Chow

Ian is our Best Project Speaker. Well done, Ian !

The undisputed Best Speech Evaluator - Kim Chow

Tan Lay Theng, Area Governor 2009/2010 presented the following awards to the deserving recipients.

District 51 Distinguished Club 2009/2010 – Yeow Yuen Kai
Division W Toastmaster of the Year for Exact ADC – Lai Chee Yoong

Distinguished Club Award for Exact

Lay Theng also received District 51 President’s Distinguished Area award, a testimony of her commitment to serve diligently, dedication to excel in her Area Governor duties and a shining example of a selfless Toastmaster.

Last but not least, here is our group photo to commemorate our evening of laughter, learning and sharing. Thank you, Exact ADC, for being our marvelous host for this enjoyable joint meeting!

Photos @ 16 Nov 2010

Report by Tan Lay Theng, Past President

You Are Not Alone

In Friendship Toastmasters Club, you are definitely not alone.

President’s Message

As the Club President, Zaiton Zainal Abidin, mentioned in her President’s Message, the members of Friendship have the same dream of being better communicators and better leaders, and the motto “Friends helping friends succeed” has been translated into action by members of Friendship on many occasions. This meeting is another showcase of FTMC’s effort in helping members to grow and develop.

Susan Lim sharing her experience

The meeting witnessed the Icebreaker speech from our new member, Susan Lim, titled ‘Learning Through Life’. A standing ovation was presented to Susan for her courageous attempt – a practice in FTMC for all the Icebreaker speakers.

President Zaiton presented an Icebreaker Ribbon to Susan Lim

Chor Chee Hoe delivered speech Project 9, Persuade With Power, convincing the audience that ‘You Can Change A Life’ by just donating RM2 everyday. The third speech was ‘Organising Your Speech’ from The Better Speaker Series, delivered by Past President and former Area Governor Tan Lay Theng.

General Evaluator, Danniel Lim

Grammarian Alexandra Lau delivering her report

Our specially invited guest, Danniel Lim, President of Money & You Toastmasters Club was impressed with the performance of the club (especially the well prepared President’s Message and consistently published Friend’s Connection) and gave practical suggestions for further improvement (for instance, to print speech objectives and note to the evaluator for the benefits of guests).

President Zaiton presenting a token of appreciation to GE

Best Table Topic Speaker, Danniel Lim

Thank you everyone for supporting each other in this ‘You Are Not Alone’ meeting!

Wai Yee and guests

Ian and guest, Chan Zer

Newsletter_Volume 9 Issue 8

Volume 9 Issue 8

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah, DTM, in 2000
Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009
Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010
Alexandra Lau is the current editor

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Meeting Programme_16 Nov 2010

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Notice of Meeting

Tan Lay Theng, Past President

From: Lay Theng Tan []
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2010 7:19 AM
Subject: FTMC Meeting on 16 Nov 2010 - 'You Are Not Alone'

Dear FTMC members,

Good day to all of you!

Right after our FTMC Breakfree and Breakaway on 13 and 14 Nov 2010, a historic event held in the historical city, Melaka, we will be having our next Toastmasters Meeting soon, on 16 Nov 2010.

For those who were at the Breakfree adn Breakaway Program, you would have definitely felt the strong friendship and bonding among the members (and their family members). For those who where not there, I am sure you could also feel the joy of this event.

Yes - as Toastmasters, especially in Friendship Toastmasters Club, WE ARE NOT ALONE, whether in meetings, get-together events, or even outside the normal meetings time. Our motto, 'Friends Helping Friends Succeed', is the key to building our relationship.

In this coming meeting, we will witness the Ice Breaker speech of our new member, Susan Lim, and the 9th Project Speech, Persuade With Power, by our VPM, Chee Hoe. Our General Evaluator, Toastmaster Dannial Lim, is a very supportive Toastmaster from Money And You Toastmasters Club. We will also have a Table Topics session which will be conducted in an innovative way!

So, please bring your friends, family members and colleagues, to join us in this fun-filled learning session. Enclosed is the proposed program agenda, for your reference, please.

I look forward to meeting all of you!

Your humble Toastmaster of the Evening (TME),
Tan Lay Theng
HP: 012 254 5095