Saturday, May 26, 2012

Club Meeting 20 March 2012

Toastmaster of the Evening Ian started the meeting with telling us a story of a man who went Beyond the Possible. Dr. Ralph C. Smedley invited a few young men to meet in the basement of YMCA and held the first Toastmasters meeting back in 1924.

Table Topics Master Zaiton continued with the Beyond the Possible meeting theme in the questions she had prepared for our intrepid Table Topic speakers.

Sylvia was motivated when her boss promised a reward to complete a difficult project on time. Dreaming of a financial reward, she put in extra effort to complete her tasks. In the end, although disappointed that she did not receive the anticipated financial reward, she gained something more valuable – the recognition from her colleagues for work well done.

Project speakers Sylvia and Andy

When Andy was assigned his first case, he was worried he might let his boss down. His boss decided to ask him to handle a hearing at federal court even though he was a junior lawyer. He prepared for his first case and was jubilant when he won the case, recovering RM50,000 for his boss.

Past President Lay Theng told us that between possible and impossible is just a fine line. During her schooldays, she was in the Quiz team and felt a heavy responsibility as her school had won 2 years in a row. When her team was eliminated in the first round, her teacher left the contest venue. However, there was a rematch due to a judging error. This time her team emerged as the champion! Her team managed to turn the impossible into possible, without their teacher, who had thought all was lost.

Lay Theng is Best Table Topic Speaker

For his project speech, Moses told us about his 2 years journey in Toastmasters. He found out that it was not just about delivering speeches, as he enjoyed giving evaluations as well.
Moses with Kwok Hung

For SAA Andy, in his “Why We Need to Write a Will” speech, he presented the pros and cons of not writing a will. A will is the last instruction from an individual, costing only RM3000 to RM5000 to prepare. Andy’s recommendation is that everyone should have a will drawn up, to safeguard the future of our loved ones.

Telling us that she had lost 3 kg in the last three months, Sylvia had our attention right from the start of her “The First Magic Meal” speech. She then revealed her secret of the first magic meal of the day consisting of fruits, low-fat milk, oats and whole-grain bread. She ended her persuasive speech with, “Just a simple breakfast can help you and your children to be smarter, lose weight and strengthen family relationship!”

Sylvia is Best Project Speaker !

During the evaluation session headed by Suat Hoong, President of MAICSA Toastmasters Club, she told us that we have the potential (word of the day) to improve as we are given evaluation. In fact, she could not imagine a Toastmasters meeting that does not have an evaluation session.

Suat Hoong is our General Evaluator

As we had time after the evaluation session, TME Ian decided to have second round table topics. As the impromptu Table Topics Master, Ian gave diverse topics to several speakers. IPP Zaiton spoke of her travels to 6 countries in one year, with the longest stop of 6 weeks in Germany. Kuok Hung spoke of satay as one of his favourite food and everyone agreed that Kajang serves the best satay!

Zaiton with TME Ian

At the age of 15, Sylvia’s ideal boyfriend was Tom Cruise. She could not sleep after watching his movie. Then at 25, she wanted a handsome man who would take care of her. Now, she decided her ideal boyfriend is someone who shares the same value as her.


Andy was in his element as he spoke about his first love – his new Honda City! He joyfully shared with us the superb performance of his car. He had dreamed of buying a car since he started work for KC Lim & Co. His dream finally came true in November 2010 when he collected his beloved car and drove it home.

SAA Andy

Just before we ended the meeting, several awards were given out. Each of our speakers spoke of going Beyond the Possible and it came as no surprise that our winners are

Best Table Topic Speaker – Tan Lay Theng 
Best Project Speaker – Sylvia Tan
Best Speech Evaluator – Moses Wong 

Moses wins the Best Speech Evaluator award

Meeting Programme 20 March 2012

Newsletter 20 March 2012

Volume 10 Issue 16

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
President Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
VPM Alexandra Lau was the editor from July 2010 to June 2011. 
VPPR Susan Lim is the current editor, assisted by Club Secretary Daphne Au.

Meeting Notice 20 March 2012

From: Club President Angeline Lee
Date: 13 March 2012 8:30 PM
Subject: Friendship Meeting on 20 March 2012 – Beyond the Possible
To: Friendship Members

Dear Friends,
We had a fruitful Hesitation is a Loss meeting last week, with TME Freddie taking the opportunity to dazzle us with his hosting skills. We had 5 guests and 5 variations of Hesitation is a Loss Table Topics questions. We also had the opportunity to listen to 3 prepared speeches.

If you wish to know more about the happenings at the last meeting, click at this link:

Having taken calculated risk and not hesitating to be a better speaker, we shall now explore to go Beyond the Possible at our 20 March meeting. Each of us have the potential (word of the day) to be better than what we were yesterday and today. Let us go beyond what was possible yesterday, to reach our full potential.

Please note that the meeting venue is at Dewan Perdana (beside the swimming pool).
See you in one week's time, on 20 March !