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Club Meeting 6 March 2012

When TME Freddie asked did anyone hesitated to attend this meeting, the answer was no! It was only fitting that our TME who did not hesitated when offered the role of TME for our Hesitation is a Loss meeting had an audience who also took the opportunity (word of the day) to improve their speaking and thinking skills.

TME Freddie

For the Table Topics session lead by Sivadas, we had five speakers who hardly hesitated to improve in their impromptu speaking skills. Past President Ben spoke of stocks and marriage where one is understandably hesitate at times to take the plunge.

Nancy, who is visiting us for the second time with Past Presidents Ben & Lay Theng

Ian recalled an incident where he hesitated during his college days. It was a classic case of “faint heart never won fair ladies”. He ended his tale with a surprise twist that his best friend who did not hesitated, won the heart of the fair maiden!

At first Nancy was stumped (not an uncommon occurrence for many of us who had tried out Table Topics) when she was given her topic to speak on. She decided to tell us about her entrepreneurial endeavour in Melbourne during the Fiesta Malaysia event. Although her kuih did not sell out like hot-cakes due to the inclement weather, she was glad she had a great learning opportunity from that experience.

VPM Alexandra held out for a 70% discount on a red Espirit jacket and was given a RM150 gift voucher to repair her Honda car recently. Even if we hesitate at times, when better opportunities arise, go after it if it is important to you.

For Past President Freddie, he may hesitate at times when he is being careful, especially if it is an area he is not familiar with. He urged us not to hesitate if we have much to lose by hesitating.


Sylvia had several slides and a video clip to accompany her tale of Shark’s Fin Soup. She was aghast when she found out that 30 to 100 million sharks were being slaughtered annually for this delicacy. She made her point clearly and consistently that eating shark’s fin soup is not in our best interest. 

Listening to Lay Theng's interesting speech are Jaynee, Treasurer Ian, General Evaluator Dorcas, Sivadas and guest Ve Yinn

For Past President Lay Theng’s “All in One” speech, it was a highly entertaining speech about her control freak mother. She has us laughing at her schooldays stories about her mother who apart from being a teacher at her school, demanded that she achieves academic excellence. Two years ago, when her mother fell ill, her whole world changed. It was then that she realized that her mother was all in one – her parent, her buddy and her teacher.

The awards given out for our Hesitation is a Loss meeting went to
Best Table Topic Speaker – Ian Tai 
Best Project Speaker – Tan Lay Theng 
Best Speech Evaluator – Tan Lay Theng

Ian Best Table Topic Speaker
Lay Theng is Best Project Speaker and Best Speech Evaluator!

At the end of the meeting, VPM Alexandra presented a short speech in her role as Vice President of Membership. She shared with us her amazement at the progress that she had witnessed for Daphne and Sylvia and had us agreeing that Toastmasters is where we can learn and grow, if we make use of the opportunities available at our club meetings to do so.

VPM Alexandra

It was a busy night for VPM Alexandra as we had five guests at our Hesitation is a Loss meeting. Sylvia invited Mr. Lau to the meeting to catch the premier of her Shark’s Fin Soup speech. We also had Steven from KPMG KL, assisting us with the role of Grammarian. He has been working diligently on his Competent Leadership (CL) projects and is only a few roles away from completing his CL award. 

Sylvia with guest Mr. Lau, Steven (KPMG KL) and VPM Alexandra

In addition to Nancy and Ve Yinn who were visiting us for the second time, we also had Lydia and Jaynee, who decided to visit us after finding out about Friendship from our fantastic, far-reaching Toastmasters International website. 

Four pretty ladies in a row - VPM Alexandra, guests Lydia & Jaynee and Sylvia

All good things must come to an end and we took the opportunity to take a group photo before bidding good-night to guests and Friendship friends.  

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 20 March 2012 at Dewan Berjaya with the meeting theme Beyond the Possible. After not hesitating to take calculated risks to be better speakers and leaders, it is going to be another milestone as we explore how to go Beyond the Possible at our next meeting !

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