Sunday, January 15, 2012

Club Meeting 3 January 2012

It was the week after Christmas, Friendship’s very first meeting for 2012! With VPE Chee Hoe and Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) Lay Theng assiduously (word of the day) preparing for our club meeting, it was bound to successfully Overcome the Barriers of an unprepared meeting.

TME Lay Theng told us that each time she prepares the introduction of Toastmasters International (TI) and checks the TI website on the number of clubs worldwide, she is astonished that it increases all the time.

IPP Zaiton, VPPR Susan and Kwok Hung at our Overcome the Barriers meeting

First off, we had our Table Topics Session lead by VPM Alexandra. She had chosen topics related to barriers that we face every day – stress, anxiety, defeat, doubt and criticism.

Ian admitted that it was a stressful time for him when he did his first Table Topic last year. His recommendation to us is to do more Table Topics. It was an example of words suiting action as he has regularly volunteered for Table Topics in our club meetings.

For Immediate Past President (IPP) Zaiton, she deals with anxiety by staying calm and taking one step at a time. President Angeline had many doubts lately as she worried whether she was able to complete all her work tasks on time. SAA Andy spoke on criticism and recommended positive feedback instead of negative criticism.

Our General Evaluator (GE) Dr. Devi gamely decided to take part in Table Topics as well and spoke on defeat. More often than not, we think of fearful possibilities when asked to do something. She suggested that we conquer our fears, to look on the bright side of things instead. Every morning, she said, look in the mirror and say, “You are the best!”

Eloquent Dr. Devi (right) is the Best Table Topic Speaker

In “Lesson from a Tadpole”, Club Secretary Daphne told us of her immense disappointment when she did not get to be Cinderella in her school play. From the coveted role of Cinderella to being cast as a tadpole, it was a severe let down. However, plucky Daphne decided that where there is a will, there is a way. She learnt that she must not give up or she will never achieve her dreams.

Daphne, in her tadpole role, searching for her momma

In her “What are Friends for?” speech, adventurous VPPR Susan told us of her excited anticipation about her impending 5 hours hike at Cameron Highlands. However, it was not to be as her group of friends had to cancel their plans due to a landslide warning. She concluded that when life gives you lemon, drink lemonade with your friends, who are always there for you, offering a pair of helping hands, and a pair of ears to listen to your woes.

Susan, who drinks lemonade with her band of faithful friends

We certainly has plenty of stories in “Stories from the Workplace”, Kwok Hung’s speech based on the advanced manual “The Entertaining Speaker”. Stories abound about salesman, sales demo and a batman car. This experienced speaker had started his career at an accounting firm and today is the boss of his IT firm.

Kwok Hung (left) receiving the Best Project Speaker award

Our General Evaluator hailing from Sai Masters and Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club is an accomplished Toastmaster and the current Division W Evaluation Champion. It was a pleasure to welcome Dr. Devi Menon as our General Evaluator, her third visit to our club. She reminded us that we can ask for feedback from other Toastmasters, not just from our assigned evaluators.

It was not often that we have Sivadas taking up the role of Table Topic Evaluator. Encouraged by VPE Chee Hoe to do so, he took up this role to hone his evaluation skills. He was full of praise for the 5 Table Topic speakers.

TTE Sivadas

GE Dr. Devi described Treasurer Ian as a young and upcoming evaluator.  She was impressed that in his evaluation of Daphne, he made full use of body language in his delivery. He was assiduous in his evaluation and also spent time after the club meeting to talk to Daphne to provide her with further feedback.

Evaluator Ian speaking to Daphne

The awards given out for our Overcome the Barriers meeting went to
Best Table Topic Speaker – Dr. Devi Menon, DTM (Sai Masters Club)
Best Project Speaker – Leong Kwok Hung, CC
Best Speech Evaluator – Angeline Lee, ACB, ALB

President Angeline receiving the Best Speech Evaluator award from TME Lay Theng

At the end of the club meeting, VPE Chee Hoe made an announcement on behalf of VPM Alexandra who was not feeling well. For our on-going membership campaign, there are unlimited gifts available for members who bring guests to our meetings. It’s never too late to tell your friends and colleagues about the benefits of Toastmasters and invite them to our club meetings!

VPE Chee Hoe announcing the gifts for our on-going membership campaign

Our next meeting will be on 17 January 2012 with the meeting theme Words of Wisdom. Do join us for another round of learning and fellowship, especially if you had made a new year’s resolution to overcome your fears of public speaking!

Meeting Programme 3 January 2012

Newsletter 3 January 2012

Volume 10 Issue 12

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
President Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
VPM Alexandra Lau was the editor from July 2010 to June 2011. 
VPPR Susan Lim is the current editor. 

Meeting Notice

From: VPE Chee Hoe
To: FTMC members
Date: 28 December 2011 5:51 PM
Subject: Friendship Meeting on 3 January 2012 - Overcome the Barriers

Dear Friends,
We are stepping into a brand new year! Happy New Year 2012! Have you set your new year resolution? Do you have barriers that you wish to overcome?

Kieren John Perkins, a former Australian professional swimmer says, "Being your best is not so much about overcoming the barriers other people place in front of you as it is about overcoming the barriers we place in front of ourselves. It has nothing to do with how many times you win or lose. It has no relation to where you finish in a race or whether you break world records. But it does have everything to do with having the vision to dream, the courage to recover from adversity and the determination never to be shifted from your goals."

Overcoming the barriers we place in front of ourselves - easier said than done! A lot of effort are required to overcome these barriers. Friendship Toastmasters Club offer us the best environment to overcome our barriers in communication and leadership. We have the opportunity to participate in every club meeting, event or contest to demolish the barriers that we place in front of ourselves.

In our upcoming meeting on 3 January, we will discover ways to overcome our barriers with this great line-up - GE DTM Devikamani Menon, TME Lay Theng; Project Speakers Daphne, Susan and Kwok Hung; Table Topics Evaluator Sivadas & Evaluators Ian, Zaiton and Angeline.

May this new year bring great success to all of us!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Club Meeting 20 December 2011

It was the week before Christmas. VPE Chee Hoe, Treasurer Ian and Grace spared no effort to create a festive and jubilant (word of the day) atmosphere.

Christmas decoration

With Toastmasters guests from D'Utama Advanced, AFC, Money Mastery KL and MIM KL, it was a memorable finale meeting for 2011.

Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) Ian started the meeting with a bang, with his trademark high energy, high enthusiasm and high spirits. The meeting was conducted on a high note, with our youthful and vibrant TME being unfazed by the fact that he had just sat for his ACCA papers and had conducted a book talk last weekend.

Our young and vibrant TME

Continuing with the Christmas theme, Table Topic Master Ben devised several questions related to the Christmas season.

Past President Ben is Table Topic Master

Our brave Table Topic speakers comprise of Sylvia who revealed that her favourite Christmas present is chocolate. Jocelyn from AFC agreed that Christmas is too commercialized with shopping malls packed with shoppers. Kimmy wished for less greed for mankind. Meng Shen from AFC reminded us that it is not the material things that matter. Fifth speaker Sivadas, was one among thousands who visited the Prime Minister’s open house a few years ago.

Table Topic Evaluator (TTE) Zaiton kept her evaluation short, simple and uncluttered – her signature evaluation style.

IPP Zaiton is the Table Topic Evaluator

It was no surprise to us when Area W3 Governor Kimmy was voted as Best Table Topic Speaker. With her melodious voice and vocal variety, it was a well-deserved win for our industrious Area Governor, who has not failed to visit us every month.

President Angeline presenting Area Governor Kimmy (right) with the Best Table Topic Speaker award

In his “The Making of a Mother”, SAA Andy exercised his vocal variety skills in a conversation between God and his angel about the remarkable qualities of mothers. Among her many qualities, a mother has a kiss that is able to cure anything, from a scrapped knee to a broken heart.

Next, Grace took center stage and presented a Christmas themed speech for her finale “The Entertaining Speaker” speech. With shimmers, sparkles and silver linings abundant in her entertaining speech, it was no wonder that we had several guests from AFC Club and D’Utama Advanced Club who came just to listen to her speech !

Her evaluator, Victor from D'Utama Advanced, declared that it was not an easy task to evaluate an accomplished speaker such as Grace. He was delighted with her speech, imparting hope and cheerful thoughts. She also had a memorable ending, singing a Christmas song.

Victor delivering his outstanding evaluation for an equally outstanding speaker, Grace

Our third speaker for our Christmas meeting lost his voice the day before our meeting. Despite the fact that he has not fully recovered and he was not able to speak in his normal voice, TLI Chair 2010/2011 Dennis Wee, DTM was the very picture of energy, enthusiasm and eloquence as he generously shared with us tips for “Effective Evaluation”. His R.E.D R.O.S.E technique comprises of

R – Respect the speaker
E – Evaluate, not summarise the speech
D – Discuss with the speaker before and after the evaluation

R – Read the speech objectives, read the speaker’s previous evaluations
O – use your Own format to present your evaluation
S – be Specific

E – Eliminate inconsistencies in your evaluation

A big "Thank You" to Dennis

During our short break, we wasted not the opportunity to snap a few photos of our members and guests.

(L-R) Ah Counter Sylvia, TME Ian, guests Ming Shen, Kwan & Ali from AFC, SAA Andy

Siew Peng & Wei Seong from D'Utama Advanced TMC

(L-R) Jocelyn from AFC, Project Speaker Grace, guest Iman & Grammarian Alexandra

The awards given out for our jubilant Christmas meeting went to
Best Table Topic Speaker – Area W3 Governor Kimmy Foo
Half CC Ribbon – Andy Supramaniam
Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) Pin – Grace Tan

Half CC Ribbon for Andy

Grace receiving her ACB pin

Congratulations to Andy and Grace for their remarkable achievements. Thank you, Andy and Grace, for helping Friendship to end our last 2011 meeting on a note of success !

Friendship Toastmasters Club members wishes all Toastmasters members, families and friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 !

Meeting Programme 20 December 2011

Newsletter 20 December 2011

Volume 10 Issue 11

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah DTM in 2000.
PP Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009.
President Angeline Lee was the editor from November 2009 to June 2010.
VPM Alexandra Lau was the editor from July 2010 to June 2011. 
VPPR Susan Lim is the current editor. 

Meeting Notice

From: VPE Chor Chee Hoe 
Date: 7 December 2011 2:12 PM
Subject: Friendship Meeting on 20 December 2011 - Merry Christmas
To: Friendship members and guests

Dear Friends,
HO...HO...HO! Christmas is around the corner !

In our Merry Christmas meeting, we have a very special guest speaker bringing along his Christmas gift - valuable evaluation tips ! This guest speaker has served as Club President, Area Governor, Assistant Division Governor and District 51 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Chairman. He is the current District 51 Evaluation 1st runner-up and has won Humorous, Table Topics and International speech contests at Division level. He is none other than Dennis Wee, DTM.

In celebration of our tropical Christmas, we will be enlightened by Andy and Grace Tan's entertaining speeches ! Ben will be offering us interesting Christmas Table Topics. I have also prepared a few Christmas gifts for lucky draw.

Have you invited your friends, family members and colleagues to our wonderful, blissful and cheerful Christmas meeting ?

Let's have a massive gathering with all our friends ! The MORE the MERRIER !
See you at Bukit Kiara !