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Notice of Meeting


Angeline Lee

From: Angeline Lee []
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 6:19 PM
Subject: FTMC Meeting on 20 July - Confidence, Leadership, Service

Dear Friends,

We will be having our first regular meeting for term 2010-2011 on this coming Tuesday 20 July 2010. Our meeting theme will be

Confidence, Leadership, Service.

This is Toastmasters International theme for 2009-2010 and Gary Schmidt, our International President (up to August 2010) chose this theme because

The greatest skill Toastmasters has provided to me is confidence. I’m sure that is true of every member. Once we have improved self-confidence, we develop our talents leading others. We are all leaders! Confidence and leadership culminate in serving others. When we serve others we ultimately serve ourselves. Those three words – confidence, leadership, service – represent to me the outcomes of what Toastmasters really provides each of us. And, in turn, what we provide to others.

Coming back to our 20 July meeting, Freddie Yap, our Past President, will be our stunning (Word of the Day) TME. In his capable hands, we will surely have a marvellous meeting. Although he will be busy preparing for his insurance exams in the coming months, he did not hesitate to take up this TME role.

Project Speakers (and current Exco members) Chee Hoe, Alex and Vincent, we are looking forward to a stunning presentation from you as you continue in your Toastmasters journey of Confidence, Leadership and Service.

During our Installation Night on 6 July, our guest Emily Kok, has signed up to be Friendship's newest member. Please give her a warm welcome and join in our members pledge to help her in her Toastmasters journey when We conduct our New Member Induction ceremony at this coming meeting.

I hope everyone is looking forward to a stunning meeting on 20 July where we will gain Confidence, Leadership, Service while we do what we do best - Friends helping Friends to Succeed.

Best regards,

Club Officer Installation on 06 Jul 2010

Report by Tom Chen

Photos by Chor Chee Hoe


July 6th Friendship Toastmasters’ night was a special night, for it was that time of the year where club members meet, to explicitly show their appreciation to its current Exco members at the end of the term, and to welcome and install the newly elected Exco members.

Over 40 members and guests attended to celebrate two segments of the evening:-

- The official thanking of its prior EXCO and the installation of newly elected EXCO;

- The enjoying of an evening of fun and games;

The Installation Segment

Tom Chen, the Master of Ceremony for the evening set everyone in the mood, with a brief de-stressing and a visualization exercise. Then our immediate past Area Governor, Tan Lay Theng conducted the Installation Ceremony – thanking the current EXCO and installing the newly elected EXCO. They are:-

President Zaiton Zainal Abidin
Vice President Education Angeline Lee
Vice President Membership Chor Chee Hoe
Vice President Public Relations Alexandra Lau
Club Secretary Vincent Wong
Treasurer Chor Wai Yee
Sergeant-at-arms M Sivadass

Each member took their oath seriously and proudly to the applause of the entire audience.

President Zaiton taking her oath

Following the swearing and installation ceremony, the newly installed President, Zaiton made her maiden speech. She spoke about her journey and transformation over the last 3 years, acknowledging that she had improved significantly and has come a long way. She also asked members to do their best whether in their speaking or leadership role so that they will also achieve their own greatness. When everyone does their best, the club will also achieve its President’s Distinguished Club goals.

The Evening of Fun and Games

Instead of the usual prepared speeches and table topics; games, jokes and FTMC Idol programs was included for attendees to catch up with one another, to get to know each other better and just to enjoy the evening.

Our audience in laughter and enjoying the evening

The program included:

Singing - the FTMC theme song “Eagle” by ABBA.
Led by Grace Tan.

Games - Act it out (Communicating with your body)
Led by Grace Tan: Tongue Twister (Pronunciation skills)
Led by Daniel Teh: Listening and Communicating Skills

Lucky Dip Table Topics - Each lucky draw participant was given a gift for speaking on their feet.
Led by Vincent Wong

FTMC IDOL 2010 - Best dressed Male and Female categories
Led by Ben Fong

Lucky Draw - Numerous prizes were given.

The Event Details:

The fun began with everyone singing the FTME theme song “Eagle” (by Abba) led by our gracious, beautiful and multi-talented Grace Tan. Before the singing, Tom Chen relayed the origin of how FTMC adopted the “Eagle” song as the theme song. This was followed by the games segment. Grace started this segment with the following games:

1. So you think you can act – five volunteers came up and had to act out a story narrated by Grace. They were Richard, Tony, Nathan, Khoo Nee Wern and Victor.
The winner was the very expressive and talented Richard.

2. Psst, Pass and Piss – five volunteers came up and one had to communicate a procedure to another individual (with others waiting outside the room). As suspected when the procedure was finally communicated by the last volunteer, it had little semblance to the original procedure described by Daniel Teh. The participants were Tommy, Ling Keat, Freddie, Khairil and Katherine. The winner was Leng Keat.

3. Hey, Let’s Twist Again – tongue twisters with 5 volunteers. They were Jess, Winnie, Shamim, Rosalyn and James. It was an exercise of reading aloud a text that totally twisted one’s tongue. The winner was Shamim.

"So You Think You Can Act" contestants acting out the story narrated by Grace Tan

Our five volunteers being briefed by Daniel on the rules of the game

This was followed by Table Topics, where Vincent Wong conducted the Lucky Dip Table Topics. Each participant drawn took an item from his bag and talk about it. Zaiton had a green pillow, Angeline a soccer ball, Lorna a Detox book, Ling Keat a book on Miracle Food and finally Wai Yee with Sun Tzu “The Art of War” book. Everyone spoke eloquently and was awarded the item they picked. The attendees also picked Lorna and Ling Keat as best speakers.

The FTMC idol – male and female category for the best dressed in purple followed, and was conducted by Ben Fong. Three candidates were selected in each category. For the male category - Richard, Vincent and James were selected. Richard with his cowboy hat and effervescent personality won. For the female category, Grace, Rosalyn and Eunice were selected. Grace Tan, with her sexy purple dress and moves, won this category.

FTMC Idol Richard Solomon from AFC Toastmasters Club

FTMC Idol Grace Tan

Then we had lucky draw with the gifts donated by Ben, Grace, Freddie, Vincent and Zaiton.

Finally, Zaiton gave the closing address thanking everyone for coming and participating in this event. However before signing off, Tan Lay Theng came up and gave the award for the Toastmaster of the Year, recognized for her dedication and hard work. The award was given to Angeline Lee.

It was a long and fun evening.

Final thanks to Ben Fong and his team for organizing this very successful event and all the participants for attending and taking part in the activities. We wish the newly elected committee a successful year ahead.

Announcement_Club Officer Installation 2010

From: Ben Fong []
Sent: Monday, July 05, 2010 11:53 AM
Subject: The Purplelicious Event of the Year! "FTMC INSTALLATION 2010"

5th July 2010

Counting down to the Purplelicious Event of the Year! “FTMC INSTALLATION 2010 (6th JULY 2010)”

Good Morning, fellow members. An Update on our Purplelicous “FTMC Installation 2010”. First and foremost, thank you for confirming your participation in this event. Thank you to those who have gone the extra mile to make things happen, and thank you for reading my mail on this busy Monday morning!

The Program of the night will be as follows:

6:30 PM Dinner & Fellowship
7.00 PM Welcome to FTMC Installation Night: Thomas Chen (MC of the Night)
7.15 PM Installation Ceremony: Tan Lay Theng
7:30 PM Speech By President Zaiton
7.35 PM Soar with the “Eagle” (Sing along to the Eagle Song) : Grace Tan
7.40 PM Game Session, Chain Story, Act it out, Tongue Twister : Grace Tan (3 Prizes to be won!)
1. “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN ACT ?” - 5 volunteers/12 mins
2. “Psst, Pass and Piss” - 6 volunteers/20 mins
3. “HEY, LET’S TWIST AGAIN !” - 5 volunteers/10 mins
8.25 PM Lucky Dip Table Topics : Vincent Wong (Many gifts to be given out!)
8.45 PM Humour Session : “Slot still available for anyone who wants to test their talents here “
8.50 PM FTMC IDOL 2010 : Ben Fong (2 Prizes to be given out)
9.00 PM Lucky Draw (5 Prizes to be given out)
9.20 PM – till close Closing address by President(Optional) / continue with fellowship


1. Ben Fong
2. Grace Tan
3. Freddie Yap
4. Vincent Wong
5. Zaiton Zainal Abidin

Thank you and remember to come in Purple.


Ben Fong
Immediate Past President
Friendship Toastmasters Club
Meeting Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort
(Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month)
Time: 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newsletter_Volume 8 Issue 20

Volume 8 Issue 20

Newsletter was initiated by Mohamad Abdullah, DTM, in 2000
Ben Fong took over as editor from 04 July 2006 to 20 October 2009
Angeline Lee is the current editor

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Photos @ 15 June 2010


Our first-timer TME, Chor Chee Hoe started off the evening by relating to the current interest – the FIFA FOOTBALL WORLD CUP! He cleverly related the theme of the evening “Going Forward” with how the World Cup can be won and also the Toastmasters program. Kudos to him for taking up a new role without hesitation.

Our suave LA (Lawyer/Accountant), KC Lim gave an impactful invocation by demonstrating that life can be compared to throwing a ball and a glass (oops, he didn’t throw a glass). A ball will bounce back but a glass will definitely break. A ball is like work, you throw and you still get it back BUT a glass is compared to family, friends, health and soul/spirit. If you don’t treat them well, they will break. So, his message was to live on time. He was also the humor master for the evening.

Our first-timer TTM, Vincent Wong bought a bag of goodies, a novel and attractive idea, which encouraged quick response from members to volunteer to do a Table Topics speech. They got to keep the goodies if they can speak well about the goodies. Freddie took out a bag of plums and in seconds, he was able to organize a speech on how sweet plums can make you smile and make your work less stressful. Among other goodies picked out by other TT speakers were a pack of cards, a software CD and rubber ball.

Freddie went on to become the best Table Topics speaker.

We had 3 speakers for the prepared speech session, Chor Wai Yee, Alexandra Lau and Grace Tan.

Wai Yee’s speech “To Name or Not to Name” was on whether names have an impact on our life/business or relationship. So, should we be particular about the names that we choose for our children/companies etc? She also gave examples on how names were conceived. I understand she did quite a bit of research to prepare for her speech.

Alexandra Lau’s speech “Nathan’s New Business” was insightful as she related a story of how her very young nephew showed that belief in oneself would create success. It was indeed something which adults could learn from the young’s mind of “anything is possible”.

Grace Tan did her 4th Speech from the Special Occasion Speeches. Her speech title was “Fly High and Soar Beyond”. In her speech, she gave tribute to FTMC’s EXCO in obtaining the club’s President’s Distinguished Club award and in the involvement at the Area and Division level. She became the best Project Speaker, as her speech was delivered with class, style and excellence, as always.

Thomas Chen, the TTE for the evening receiving the award for Best Evaluator. Not surprising as he is the current champion of our club’s recent Table Topics Contest. The GE was right in saying that he gave a lot of value when he evaluated each and every one of the Table Topics speaker.

Our GE for the evening, Ernest Wong is the current Division W Public Relations Director and hails from Help University Toastmasters Club. He finished the evening with accolades for the club’s meeting. For that, he received a token of appreciation from us. Oh! For the record, we also give token of appreciation even if we were criticized. Either way, GEs do get appreciated for their time and effort.

First-timer guest, Shanti listening attentively to the proceedings of the meeting. She was the guest of the VPE, Zaiton.

Not forgetting other role players SAA and timer, Sivadass

Grammarian, Zaiton

Ah Counter, James

Yummy Food, too! Spaghetti Bolognese

Sweet Sour Fish Fritters, among others.

All in all, what a fantastic evening of learning, fun and friendship.

Meeting Programme_15 June 2010

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