Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photos @ 15 June 2010


Our first-timer TME, Chor Chee Hoe started off the evening by relating to the current interest – the FIFA FOOTBALL WORLD CUP! He cleverly related the theme of the evening “Going Forward” with how the World Cup can be won and also the Toastmasters program. Kudos to him for taking up a new role without hesitation.

Our suave LA (Lawyer/Accountant), KC Lim gave an impactful invocation by demonstrating that life can be compared to throwing a ball and a glass (oops, he didn’t throw a glass). A ball will bounce back but a glass will definitely break. A ball is like work, you throw and you still get it back BUT a glass is compared to family, friends, health and soul/spirit. If you don’t treat them well, they will break. So, his message was to live on time. He was also the humor master for the evening.

Our first-timer TTM, Vincent Wong bought a bag of goodies, a novel and attractive idea, which encouraged quick response from members to volunteer to do a Table Topics speech. They got to keep the goodies if they can speak well about the goodies. Freddie took out a bag of plums and in seconds, he was able to organize a speech on how sweet plums can make you smile and make your work less stressful. Among other goodies picked out by other TT speakers were a pack of cards, a software CD and rubber ball.

Freddie went on to become the best Table Topics speaker.

We had 3 speakers for the prepared speech session, Chor Wai Yee, Alexandra Lau and Grace Tan.

Wai Yee’s speech “To Name or Not to Name” was on whether names have an impact on our life/business or relationship. So, should we be particular about the names that we choose for our children/companies etc? She also gave examples on how names were conceived. I understand she did quite a bit of research to prepare for her speech.

Alexandra Lau’s speech “Nathan’s New Business” was insightful as she related a story of how her very young nephew showed that belief in oneself would create success. It was indeed something which adults could learn from the young’s mind of “anything is possible”.

Grace Tan did her 4th Speech from the Special Occasion Speeches. Her speech title was “Fly High and Soar Beyond”. In her speech, she gave tribute to FTMC’s EXCO in obtaining the club’s President’s Distinguished Club award and in the involvement at the Area and Division level. She became the best Project Speaker, as her speech was delivered with class, style and excellence, as always.

Thomas Chen, the TTE for the evening receiving the award for Best Evaluator. Not surprising as he is the current champion of our club’s recent Table Topics Contest. The GE was right in saying that he gave a lot of value when he evaluated each and every one of the Table Topics speaker.

Our GE for the evening, Ernest Wong is the current Division W Public Relations Director and hails from Help University Toastmasters Club. He finished the evening with accolades for the club’s meeting. For that, he received a token of appreciation from us. Oh! For the record, we also give token of appreciation even if we were criticized. Either way, GEs do get appreciated for their time and effort.

First-timer guest, Shanti listening attentively to the proceedings of the meeting. She was the guest of the VPE, Zaiton.

Not forgetting other role players SAA and timer, Sivadass

Grammarian, Zaiton

Ah Counter, James

Yummy Food, too! Spaghetti Bolognese

Sweet Sour Fish Fritters, among others.

All in all, what a fantastic evening of learning, fun and friendship.

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