Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photos @ 07 June 2011

Report by VPM Chor Chee Hoe
Photos by Treasurer Chor Wai Yee


The happy atmosphere in the meeting room.
Wow! Many guests and visiting Toastmasters attended the meeting.

Kui Lim, 2nd from left, decided to join the club on her 3rd visit.
Thanks for choosing Friendship!

As the TME, I definitely enjoyed the meeting with the theme Leaders aren't born, they are made. Beside the interesting meeting agenda, another reason for my jubilant mood is that we had 8 guests visiting our club and three of them decided to join as members! They are Sean, Hui Woon and Kui Lim.

President Zaiton sharing her views on the qualities of a great leader
in her president's speech.

Invocation presenter, Wai Yee, set the mood of the meeting by inspiring us with the story of her idol, Tony Fernandez. 

In the Table Topics session, PP Ben Fong the Table Topics Master received warm response and participation from 5 guests and 1 member.

Khor SC, a visiting Toastmaster from Klang Bilingual Club told us that
Integrity (Word of the Day) is an important quality of a great leader

Sean, our first-time guest, decided to join our club
after performing in the Table Topics session.

Our guest Lih Choon gallantly participated in the Table Topics.

In her Ice Breaker speech, Sylvia delivered an interesting speech
entitled "Story About Me".
She spoke with confidence and it is obvious that she enjoys public speaking. 

PP Lay Theng giving an inspiring speech that highlights the benefits of Toastmasters.
She successfully converted three guests into member with her powerful speech. 

Hilson Yeap from AFC Toastmasters Club giving helpful evaluations
on the Table Topic speeches.
He also shared some tips with us that he learned from Darren LaCroix's workshop

The Best Table Topics Speaker award goes to .... our guest Joshua!

Thank you, General Evaluator Soh Fong Wai, DTM

PP Lay Theng completed her CC for the second time and received the CC pin.

Sylvia Tan receiving the Ice Breaker ribbon from President Zaiton

Came as a guest, left as a member! Hui Woon joined Friendship on her second visit.

The youngest guest, Sakura, who is only 12 years old, sharing her views on Toastmasters.

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