Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photos @ 01 Mar 2011

Report by Angeline Lee, VPE, cum Area W3 Governor

Angeline Lee

Trust & Integrity

For our “Trust and Integrity” meeting at Dewan Berjaya on 1 March 2011, Friendship played host to nine guests. Thanks to Susan, VPM Chee Hoe and Past President Kim Chow for inviting many guests to join us. For some of us, it was an invigorating walk to our meeting venue, as the usual car park was full so we had to park further away.

Our crop of guests comprised of Rosalie, Lana, Daphne, Lee Ching, Sharon, Kim, Paul (Sunway Toastmasters Club), Table Topics Evaluator Kimmy (UM Toastmasters Club) and General Evaluator Ahmad Zakie Shariff (KL Advanced Toastmasters Club).

VPPR Alexandra with guests Rosalie, Lana, Daphne, VPE Angeline, Susan & Lee Ching

VPM Chee Hoe with Paul, Kimmy and PP Kim Chow

Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) KC Lim conducted the meeting with his trademark aplomb and touched on the meeting theme by explaining that one cannot have trust without integrity. 

Our Invocation speaker Alexandra enlightened us on the Chinese character for person (ren) that symbolizes trust.

We have three pieces of happy news to share. Firstly, Susan informed us she has just received a promotion after joining Friendship. Congratulations to Susan!

Secondly, Susan’s guest, Daphne, announced that she has made the decision to join us, thus becoming the latest addition to Friendship Toastmasters Club.

Thirdly, VPM Chee Hoe unveiled the results of Friendship’s Membership Campaign which started on 19 Aug 2010 and ended on 28 Feb 2011. For her effort in bringing guests to our meetings and effortlessly converting her guests to members, Susan was the clear winner. Congratulations once again to Susan.

Susan is the winner of Friendship Club's membership campaign

First-time Table Topics Master Ian had no lack of volunteers who tried out their impromptu speaking skills on the various leadership topics that he provided. Our first volunteer was Freddie, who was keen to put in a practice session before contesting in Area W3 Table Topics Contest on 3 March. Susan, who has not shown a lack of appetite for improvement was the second volunteer. We then heard from two courageous guests Lee Ching and Rosalie. They spoke with such ease that it hardly seems possible that they have not tried out Table Topics before.

Rosalie is joint Best Table Topics Speaker

Susan is joint Best Table Topics Speaker

Wai Yee asked us “Have you eaten breakfast today?” and explained the benefits of starting the day right by taking breakfast. Past President Lay Theng continued her series of motivational talk to take up club officers role in her “Yes, I will go for it!” speech. Chee Hoe presented his tenth and final Competent Communication speech in his speech about “The 3 Cs”. Past President Freddie gave us the desert of the evening in his “Like Fine Wine” contest speech for Area W3 International Speech Contest.

PP Freddie Yap is Best Project Speaker

Our General Evaluator (GE) Zakie was suave and sophisticated in the Evaluation Session. His smooth as silk presentation was something many aspiring GEs seek to emulate. He had praise for TME KC, Table Topics Master Ian and evaluators Ben, Grace and Kim.

President Zaiton presenting a thank-you card to GE Zakie

The awards for our “Trust and Integrity” meeting went to
Best Table Topics Speaker – Rosalie & Susan
Best Prepared Speech – Freddie
Best Speech Evaluator – Grace
Membership Campaign Winner – Susan

Grace Tan is Best Evaluator

Our next meeting is on 15 March 2011 with the meeting theme “Respect to the Individual”. We are happy to inform you that our newest member Daphne does not hesitate to embark on her Toastmasters leadership journey by taking up the humble yet important Timer role. 

To our future guests, why don’t you start on your journey to become a better speaker and leader by taking one simple step? Join us on 15 March. It may lead to many wonderful outcome as it has for Susan who became part of our Friendship family in October 2010.

To our Friendship members, it is always wonderful to see you at our meetings, so do not deprive us of the joy and happiness your presence will bring to our meeting. See you on 15 March !

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