Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meeting Notice

Angeline Lee, VPE, cum Area W3 Governor
Dear Friendship Members,

We shall be meeting next week with the meeting theme Trust and Integrity. Our trustworthy TME is none other than Past President KC, who will be conducting the meeting with his usual flair. Joining us as GE is CTM Zakie from KL Advanced Toastmasters Club, an experienced and eloquent Toastmasters.
Friendship's newest CC, Alexandra, will be inspiring us with her Invocation speech. Ian will be trying out the role of Table Topics Master for the first time. For this meeting, this avid table topics speaker will be preparing the questions instead of volunteering to answer them.
For the prepared speeches, we shall also have the pleasure of listening to 4 speeches. Wai Yee will be presenting her "Say It With Words" speech, Lay Theng will "Persuade With Power" and Chee Hoe will "Inspire the Audience". Freddie will be presenting his contest speech for Area W3 International Speech Contest which will be held on Thursday 3 March.
Our evaluators Kimmy from UM Toastmasters Club, Ben, Grace, Kim and yours truly will be doing our best to provide constructive feedback to each of our speaker. As we have been entrusted with the various evaluation duties, we shall endeavour to do so with integrity. In the Open Evaluation session, you may provide further feedback as well.
believe (word of the day) Grammarian Emily's choice of word of the day will be widely used in our Trust and Integrity meeting. Timer Susan and Ah-Counter Andy will be monitoring our commitment to keep to the meeting schedule and to use pause fillers as sparingly as possible. 
Thank you, everyone, for taking up the various meeting roles. Without your participation and desire to constantly practice and improve on your speaking and evaluation skills, our meeting will not be possible. To our other Friendship members and guests, please also join us on 1 March, to help us make this meeting another fruitful, delightful and eventful meeting.
Your VPE,

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