Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photos @ 05 Oct 2010

Report by Angeline Lee, VPE
Leadership By Example

Three charming ladies - From L: Susan, Rosalyn and Lay Theng

In our 5 October Leadership By Example meeting, first-timer TME Alexandra Lau invited each of us to share our thoughts on "Who is the leader in my life". True to the saying that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, a number of us answered "The leader in my life is my mother"!

From L: Our guest Susan, Evaluator Lay Theng, Timer Emily, General Evaluator Kuok Sum and guest Ian

Continuing with the leadership team, Table Topics Master Tony Lim, whom TME Alex introduced correctly as a successful sales director, gave us some challenging questions.

Table Topics Evaluator (TTE) Thomas Chen was superb in his assessment of every speaker. For IPP Ben Fong’s “You can’t predict the future, but you can create it”, he praised Ben as a handsome and gentle gentleman, but felt he could be more dynamic in his speechmaking.
Angeline spoke on “Leaders are trained, not born”, elaborating on the Toastmasters leadership track as an excellent example about leadership training.
Our first-time guest Susan showed exemplary courage by stepping forward to express her opinions about her most admired leader, Dale Carnegie. (Exemplary is the Word of the Day)

Susan explaining about her most admired leader

Ian our second-time guest, was encouraged by Rosalyn and our General Evaluator (GE) to attempt table topics. He spoke on “Leaders must encourage and energize”.


Rosalyn revealed to us that her father is her role model in the topic: “Leaders must have integrity”.

Our TTE’s comprehensive assessment of areas of improvement touched on vocal variety, speaking with confidence and purposeful body language. Our GE, Kuok Sum from TTDI Toastmasters Club, was impressed with Thomas’ evaluation. The club was also captivated by Thomas' exemplary performance as an evaluator and we voted him the Best Evaluator.

Best Evaluator Thomas Chen

For the project speech segment, Rosalyn delivered her sixth speech on “About Communication”. She stressed on the importance of both vocal and written communication and told us several tales to illustrate her points.

Chee Hoe’s speech on “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dangers” started and ended with a ferocious growl. His well-researched speech was full of facts - there were 3,000 tigers in the 1950s but today only 500 remained. Human habitation has reduced the tigers' natural habitat by 74% . He urged us to take action now to save our Malayan tigers by making a donation to WWF Malaysia.

The final results for this exemplary meeting are
Best Table Topics Speaker Rosalyn Tan
Best Project Speaker Rosalyn Tan
Best Evaluator Tom Chen

Rosalyn receiving her awards from President Zaiton. Looking on is TME Alex

In the evaluation session, GE Kuok Sum praised the energetic start to the meeting, and a Presidential speech that was well-prepared. He found our meeting to be nice and fruitful. He was happy to share with us his observations and equally happy to learn from everyone at this meeting. This diligent GE continued with his feedback after the meeting when he approached us individually to provide us with his detailed feedback. Thank you, Kuok Sum, for being so thorough in your evaluation of the entire meeting.

GE Kuok Sum receiving a token of appreciation from President Zaiton

Our guests’ feedback was encouraging as well. Susan appreciated the evaluation session which did not condemn the speakers or subject them to destructive criticism. Ian found the meeting entertaining and educational.

At the end of the meeting

Ben also shared with us his experience as an emcee for his friend’s wedding. He was surprised to discover that performing as an emcee for 800 guests is the same as performing as the TME for a Toastmasters meeting. Thanks to his TME experience, the emcee role was a breeze for him. Coincidentally, he will be our TME for our next meeting on 19 October with the meeting theme We Are The World. Will we be hearing some singing from him? Join us on 19 October to find out!

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