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Photos @ 19 Jan 2010

A Leader In Every One of Us

Contributed by Angeline Lee and Elaine Tan

Angeline Lee

Elaine Tan

If the New Year started with a bang, the second meeting of the year on 19 January 2010 brought in a bumper crop of guests ! Friendship Toastmasters Club (FTMC) saw an exciting influx of 14 guests who were experiencing a Toastmasters meeting for the first time. We also witnessed the eager participation of voluntary speakers who wanted to seize (word of the day) the opportunity to practice and polish their communications skills.

Our wonderful guests are

(R-L) Ji En & his mother to his left, and Stacy Tan

Victor Wong & Kent Ho, our third-time guest

Khairil, who came with his mum

Nagalingam, Wong Peng Wei, Wong Wei Kai seated with our Ah-Counter Chor Chee Hoe and Timer Chor Wai Yee

Sivadas, our Grammarian with Seow Boon Hoe, Mable Teh Shin Mun and Ting Ther Teng

Anne Marie Warren and Chitra is at the left of VPE Zaiton. Seated at Zaiton’s right is Nagalingam and Wong Peng Wei

Humour Master James Arokiasamy with Ravi, Tan Lay Theng and Lee Soo Ling, VPE of Ireka Toastmasters Club

Referring to the day’s theme, Fill Your Own Cup, President Ben Fong said, “The theme revolves around the area of being knowledgeable. To fill your own cup would mean to keep the desire of continuous improvement intact and develop habits to learn or pick up new skills as we continue to progress in this world.”

Helming the evening was Toastmaster of the Evening Theresa Chong, who guided our guests and members through the evening’s programme. It certainly proved to be another blissful and meaningful FTMC event, made memorable by the attendance and participation of our numerous guests.

During the Table Topics session, KC Lim applied the carrot and stick method to entice us to volunteer to present impromptu speeches with titles such as “To err is human, to blame someone else is strategic” and “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”. For their reward, the sporting speakers consisting of Thomas Chen, Ravi, Kent Ho, James Arokiasamy, Khairil and Anne Marie, each received a mystery gift from KC. Spunky Anne Marie shot up to seventh heaven when her spontaneous talk of “Don’t drink and drive, keep the beer in the fridge” won her the Best Table Topics Speaker of the day award.

First-time guest Anne Marie is our Best Table Topics Speaker! She receives a certificate from President Ben, and a free ticket to Division B Evaluation Workshop to be held on 23 January.

Zaiton Zainal Abidin confidently attempted the ninth project in the Competent Communicator Manual with “Powerful Thoughts”. Now, she is only one speech away to completing her manual!

Sailing smoothly through his Humorously Speaking Manual was Ben Fong who described his “Weekend Shopping” spree as his regular retail therapy and an opportunity to provide honest feedback, in a non-Toastmasters manner (confuse, complicate and condemn) when his opinion was sought on a certain outfit. With a twist in his tale, he certainly left the audience with a smile on their face.

Next, we heard from LeAnn Tang with her presentation on “Values and Leadership” from The Leadership Excellence Series. She was indeed the star attraction of the evening, the very reason that we are having a bumper crop of guests.

The audience was spellbound by LeAnn's presentation on Toastmasters International’s core values of integrity, dedication to excellence, service to members and respect for the individual. She then presented a compelling case that Toastmasters is the perfect learning laboratory to practise our leadership skills.

After the Happy Break, everyone in attendance was delightfully surprised when James Arokiasamy belted out a Chinese New Year song in perfect Mandarin before settling into his role as our Humour Master of the evening.

General Evaluator LeAnn Tang’s team of role players included Table Topics Evaluator Angeline Lee, Speech Evaluators Thomas Chen and Kim Chow, Grammarian Sivadas, and first-ever brother and sister team of Ah Counter Chor Chee Hoe and Timer Chor Wai Yee.

LeAnn touched us with her memorable feedback such as:
- praising the wonderful room, meeting and group of people;
- encouraging everyone to play roles at the meeting to practice their listening, thinking and speaking skills;
- learning through the evaluators’ feedback;
- giving credit to the people behind-the-scenes who made the evening a success; and
- returning to any Toastmasters meeting as the doors are always open.

LeAnn Tang, DTM, our GE as well as our Values & Leadership speaker, receiving a TQ card from President Ben. Thank you LeAnn !

Our guests were of the opinion that they benefited from attending this meeting, enjoyed the food served and the company, to the extent that some vowed to return. Thank you to our guests, who made the effort to attend our meeting and in the process discovered the many learning opportunities that await them at every Toastmasters meeting.

Our next meeting will be held on 2 February, at Bukit Kiara. Join us for another exciting, exhilarating and eventful evening !




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