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Photos @ 05 Jan 2010


Report by Elaine Tan

Photos by Angeline Lee

Elaine Tan

FTMC kick-starts 2010 with 5 Jan Meeting

The first Friendship Toastmasters Club (FTMC) meeting for 2010 was themed TRUST YOUR VISION and the word of the day was VISUALISE. In his opening speech, President Ben Fong highlighted FTMC’s vision to “consistently be the best of the best in communication and leadership”.

Gino Chong performed his maiden role as the Toastmaster of the Evening and kept everyone on their toes. He received a warm round of applause at the end of the meeting.

Gino Chong in his first performance as TME

With every New Year comes another round of setting goals and resolutions. In her invocation, Tan Lay Theng, IPP cum Area Governor, said anything is possible. As life holds no promises, be brave to explore opportunities that life presents.

Grace Tan captured five willing volunteers during the Table Topics session with her creative scenarios. They were Khairul Hassan, Kent Ho and guests Sarah, Daniel (who did a role-play with Gino Chong) and Alicia Loh who each received a special prize for their efforts.

Kent Ho, one of the Table Topics speakers

Gino and Daniel as passenger and terrorist in Daniel's Table Topics speech

Then came the segment on Speech Projects. The first speaker was Chor Chee Hoe who did the Ice Breaker speech entitled “I, Me and Myself”. He received a standing ovation. In his maiden speech, he shared his background on work, hobbies and life with hyperhydrosis.

Next, Elaine Tan and Khairul Hassan respectively presented Project 7: Research Your Topic based on the basic speech manual. In “Travel”, Elaine gave some travel tips such as narrowing your interests, getting to know the destination better and how to pack your bags. Khairul on the other hand, talked about the benefits of having pets such as cats and dogs in “A Pet a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.

In “My Own Palace”, Zaiton Zainal Abidin compared the architecture of her family home with that of Seri Menanti’s Istana Lama. This included the roof design representing the horns of water buffaloes.

Humour Master Daniel Teh from Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club shared his fascinating experiences as a speaker such as having a bad translator and going on with the show even when there's only one member in the audience.

Daniel Teh delivering his Table Topics Evaluation. He was also the Humour Master.

Irene Lee from Crystal Toastmasters Club was the General Evaluator. Her team of evaluators comprising Daniel Teh, Freddie Yap (Past President), Grace Tan (club mentor), Angeline Lee (club secretary) and KC Lim (Past President) gave constructive feedback to the speakers.


Irene was also assisted by Angeline Lee the Grammarian, Chor Wai Yee the Ah Counter and Sivadas the Timer.

Chor Wai Yee presenting her Ah Counter report. This was her maiden role.

Sivadass presenting the timer report. From left: Khairul Hassan, Elaine Tan and Kent Ho

In her GE report, Irene Lee commended the club on the good signage from the entrance to the carpark, the meeting room, the President's initiative in getting everyone to introduce themselves, the opportunity for guest participation and the club newsletter.

Alicia, our special guest, receiving a gift for her participation in Table Topics. In her speech, she told us of her encounter with her favourite American Idol David Archuleta


Sara, one of our guests, receiving a gift for her eloquent participation in Table Topics. Her topic was on why men should not wear make-up!

Daniel, one of our guests, receiving a gift for his brave participation in Table Topics. In his speech, he had to convince a terrorist not to blow up a plane

The awards of the evening went to …
- Kent Ho: Best Table Topics Speaker
- Chor Chee Hoe: Best Project Speaker
- Grace Tan: Best Speech Evaluator

- Angeline Lee: ACB pin for achieving her Advanced Communicator Bronze award

Chor Chee Hoe who presented the Ice-breaker speech won the Best Project Speaker award

Grace Tan won the Best Speech Evaluator award

Irene Lee receiving a TQ card from Zaiton

Angeline Lee receiving her ACB pin from IPP Tan Lay Theng




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