Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Message from Club Secretary

Angeline Lee, Club Secretary


From: []

Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 9:14 AM
Subject: FTMC Meeting 6 October 2009 - Act In Spite of Fear

Dear Friends

Once again, we shall meet for an evening of entertaining, learning and fellowship next week. Please clear your schedule for Oct 6 because we will be witnessing award-winning performances from the following Toastmasters:

Toastmaster of the Evening
James Arokiasamy - Past President of Friendship, as well as an eloquent & entertaining speaker.

Sivadas - will relinquish his Timer role for this evening and take on the challenging role of Invocation speaker.

Table Topics Master
Grace Tan - the undeniable, indisputable & irrefutable winner of Friendship Toastmasters Club "Toastmaster of the Year" award.

Project Speakers
Sit back and enjoy amazing speeches & presentations from Edna, Rosalyn and President Ben.

Humour Master
Khairul Hassan - this first-time humour performance by Khairul is Not to be missed.

General Evaluator
Fong Ming, DTM - Past District Governor - has many accolades and rave reviews as a first-class speaker. Do witness for yourself a world-class performance from a Distinguished Toastmaster.

Thomas Chen, Kim Chow, Koh Teck Lee & Mok Soo Pon - an experienced team of evaluators, eager to help all of us improve our Toastmastering skills.

Priyanka Puri - first-ever Grammarian role for Priyanka. No challenge is too big for this new member.

Ah Counter
Zaiton - expect an elegant & illuminating report on the number of ahs, umms that are used during the meeting.

Ladies & gentlemen, with such an impressive line-up, it would be a shame if you are not at Bukit Kiara on Oct 6. Do come and join in the fun. The only vacanct slots left are for Table Topics speakers which everyone should try out.

Do not say that you will try to do your BEST
Just do your BEST whenever you try !

Warm regards,
Angeline Lee
Secretary 2009/2010
Friendship Toastmasters Club



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