Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Appreciation Speech from Immediate Past President

Tan Lay Theng, Immediate Past President and elected as an Area Governor for the term 2009-2010.

She presented this speech in appreciation of her executive committee for the term 2008-2009.

Ladies and gentlemen

For the year 2008/2009, we were able to achieve the President’s Distinguished Club award because of the contributions from all the members. In particular, the efforts of the Exco members are critical. It is my honour to have the opportunity to be part of the team, and I would like to recognize their contributions to the club:

VPE – Ben Fong. He is the perfect partner in the business of running a Toastmasters Club.

VPM – Tony Lim. He brings in not just new members but also companies.

VPPR – Freddie Yap. He is the role model in promoting FTMC.

Treasurer – Zaiton Zainal Abidin. She effectively manages the financial health of the club.

(Photo coming soon)

SAA – Liaw Jye Wey. He ensures that FTMC always has a conducive learning environment.

There is also another eagle in FTMC that I must mention this evening.

This person has contributed significantly to the club spirit and success. She has constantly demonstrating the following:

1. Enthusiasm – reflects enthusiasm for fellow members, club and Toastmasters.

2. Dedication – readily and enthusiastically accepts all the assignments and willingly contributes to the club’s well being.

3. Helping Others – coaches, mentors and provides feedback and support to club members. She evaluates with the purpose of recognizing achievement, fostering continued improvement and helping members build self-esteem.


All of us have benefitted from her contributions. I have definitely learned from her.

Besides FTMC, she has been contributing to other clubs’ well being by playing meeting roles and helping others to succeed.
This member is an exceptional performer.
In fact, the Exco has submitted her name as the Toastmasters of the Year (TOY) from our club to Area W6 last year.
She is none other than Grace Tan…


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