Thursday, February 21, 2013

5th Feb 2013: Homeward Bound

Ian Tai

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Everyone is bound to go homeward  and celebrate this auspicious occasion with our love ones. Madam President Alexandra, Grace Tan and Vice President of Membership Sylvia Tan came ignite the festive aura by wearing the mandarin gowns cheongsam to suit this occasion. The meeting was quickly brought to live by our zestful looking Toastmaster of the Evening, Area W3 Governor Chor Chee Hoe

Ladies in their dazzling cheong sam outfit

Our TME diligently introduced the history and founder of Toastmasters International by making use of Friendship Club’s Facebook Page. Induction officer, Sylvia Tan led us to welcome Zion Chin as our newest members in the Friendship family. Welcome to the club, Zion! 
From left to right: Zion, Andrew, Adhlen, Susan Lim and Geok Ean

Toastmaster Geok Ean took over and conducted the Table Topic Session in the utmost proficient manner. All table topics speakers did marvelously, given only 2 minutes to think and speak off the cuff.  They were comprised of Andrew Low, Christian Leong from HELP University Toastmasters Club, Division Governor Tan Lay Theng, Sivadas and yours truly.

There were 5 project speakers enlightened and inspired us that evening. Andrew Low kept us in suspense when he shared his experience on his deathbed. Luckily, it was just a bad dream, and he reminded us to appreciate our life and live to the fullest.  Ben Chan shared his painful yet forgiving experience as a victim of verbal abuse. He prompted us to be careful with our words when we are angry or frustrated with someone. Christian Leong educated us on how to capture our finest moments with a few tricks using camera. The dynamic and avant-garde Susan Lim delivered her speech no. 7 – Using Visual Aids, in a rather unconventional way. She broke her patterns by having our VPE Daphne poured water on her head! Her message was clear; if we desire to be better in anything, we must first break from our habits and comfort zone.

Our International Speech and Table Topics champion, Lee Chen Choon was given a table topics marathon as practice and preparation for the upcoming Area W3 contest. There was an open evaluation right after the marathon where he got plenty of feedback especially from Lay Theng, Past President Ben Fong and Grace Tan in regards to his table topics presentations. Perhaps we should do this more regularly as it is excellent practice for Table Topics, overcoming our nervousness, gives both our VPE and members more relaxation as there are lesser project speeches to do. I know, I know. Don’t freak out, Madam President. We will still thrive to complete our project speeches.

Getting ready for the Auspicious Toss
After our merry-jolly-fun-filling Auspicious Toss, five brilliant evaluators further flourished us with their constructive feedbacks and evaluations. Past President Zaiton gave her encouragements to all table topic speakers. Following that, the typically scrupulous and erudite Grace Tan gave her evaluation on Andrew Low’s speech. Timothy Nakayama and Ben Fong were equally superb in their evaluations to Ben Chan and Christian Leong respectively. Susan Lim certainly benefited from Lay Theng's evaluation, especially when she suggested Susan to pour water on her own instead of getting Daphne’s help to make that impact! 

Best Table Topics Speaker: Ian Tai
Best Project Speaker: Susan Lim

Best Evaluator: Grace Tan
The meeting ended joyfully and jubilantly where everyone greets Gong Xi Fa Chai and happy Homeward Bound.  It was indeed an auspicious evening to Friendship Club, our guest Adhlen Zulkifly immediately signed up as a member and Ann Agnew, our Past Secretary came back to reinstate her membership. What a prosperous evening!

Signing off with a CNY Blessings from

Ian Tai


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