Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 6, 2012: Wisdom of the Ages

VPPR Ian Tai

Once again, we had a fantastic meeting with Daphne Au as our Toastmasters of the Evening. We had a whopping amount of eight guests; three guests came from Infinitus, a company that specializes in Chinese herbs, Victor Ong (from Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club), Chong How Yee (from Money and You Toastmasters Club), Zahir Ahmad (from Taylor’s University Toastmasters Club), E Son Lee (from MAICSA Toastmasters Club) and Wei Chin (from UM Toastmasters Club).  
Our Table Topic Master, VPM Sylvia Tan, as usual with her passionate and out-of-the-box persona, assigned us topics on the items that were randomly selected from a box. Unfortunately, I was dumbfounded after selected an unusual item. I reminded myself to keep the positive spirit and be ever ready for Table Topics in future meetings. It was a sporting attempt by all table topic speakers, notably, Ben Chan who boldly put on the Minnie Mouse headband while giving his table topic speech.

Timothy delivered his Table Topic Speech

It was an enlightening evening with four entertaining project speakers. First, Ben Chan took the spotlight and introduced himself with his icebreaker speech. We get to know that he has a lot of passion and interest in medical line. Our next speaker, Susan Lim demonstrated how one can instantly change his state of mind by breaking his pattern. Past President Ben Fong entertained us with his thrilling experiences of diving, as well as up, close and personal encounters with beautiful yet dangerous sea creatures. Finally, Lien Chai hit center stage with an exciting personal sharing of being an “elitist”. 

Clockwise from top left: Ben Chan, Susan Lim, Lien Chai and Past President Ben Fong

Chong How Yee diligently delivered her Table Topic Evaluation. Similarly, Past President Lay Theng, Timothy, Victor Ong had also delivered equally constructive and positive evaluations. 

Table Topic Evaluator Chong How Yee
We had a few guests as role players, particularly Wei Chin as the Grammarian and Zahir Ahmad, the current President of Taylor’s University Toastmasters Club, as the Ah-Counter. Our lovely Geok Ean was the Timer of the evening. Finally, the meeting was beautifully summarized by our General Evaluator, E Son Lee

Zahir gave his Ah-Counter report

It was certainly an enjoyable meeting with positive attendance, excellent speech deliveries and No-Hold-Back evaluations and feedback for the overall conduct of the meeting. There were few awards presented during the closing address. The outstanding performers and achievers are:

Best Table Topic Speaker: Timothy Nakayama
Best Project Speaker: Susan Lim
Best Evaluator: Victor Ong

The Ice Breaker Ribbon: Ben Chan

Half Competent Communicator Ribbon: Oh Lien Chai and Susan Lim

Competent Communicator Pin: Ian Tai 

Congratulations to all high achievers! 

Token of appreciation to General Evaluator, Son Lee

Ian Tai
Vice President Public Relations

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