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Photos @ 04 Jan 2011

Report by Angeline Lee, VPE


With TME Sivadas in charge of our “Servant Leadership” meeting, we started and ended on time - our time management reputation intact for our first meeting for 2011. Invocation speaker, Past President James told us that no institution can survive if it needs Superman to organize it. In his opinion, Friendship is still going strong after 10 years.

For Table Topics, Wai Yee prepared a set of profound statements for us to speak on
• We must be silent before we can listen
• We must listen before we can learn
• We must learn before we can prepare
• We must prepare before we can serve
• We must serve before we can lead

Wai Yee requested each table topics speaker to pick the next table topic speaker. In this manner we had James, Dalani, Lavinia, Yi Hoong and Susan speaking on the above topics.

The first prepared speech of the evening was delivered by Susan. This was her 2nd speech it was an intriguing “Allow Only Good Thoughts and Good Feelings”. Every morning, she starts her day resolving to be happy and having good thoughts only. We were most intrigued by her belief: “I am happy and grateful now as money comes easily to me in an increasing quantity on a continuous basis”. That certainly kept our attention till the end of her speech!

Susan presenting her speech project

Michelle from KPMG KL Toastmasters Club presented her second speech from the Storytelling manual. It was indeed a “Let’s Get Personal” story as she told us of how romance started on a trip to Bali and how a yellow dress set the scene for a romantic end to an enchanting evening.

Our third speaker, VPM Chee Hoe, presented his favourite topic in the Successful Club Series, “Finding New Members”. Our hard-working VPM who is also busy working on his membership campaign drive, delivered his presentation in a relaxed manner. He even injected humour into his speech. We laughed when he explained that more members means more fun and more funds for the club. He suggested that we wear our Toastmasters pin which is a good conversation starter. He also recommended that we leave our Toastmasters magazine at the dentist deliberately.

Chee Hoe giving his presentation

During the break, Past President Kim Chow gave us a few useful pointers on the placement of the projector, notebook and lectern. She showed how speakers should position themselves on the stage. She also recommended the purchase of a remote control for the slideshow. Thanks to her input, I believe our speakers will develop a more effective presentation style using the projector. Thanks, Kim, for sharing your expertise with us!

Our General Evaluator, Francis Ng DTM displayed his sense of humour when he explained that evaluation is (1) just the personal opinion of the evaluator, and (2) if we do not agree with the evaluation, we refer to (1).

President Zaiton presenting a thank-you card to Francis Ng DTM

Table Topics Evaluator Ben Fong gave a comprehensive and encouraging report that served to motivate the speakers. He said that all the Table Topics speakers were winners because they had the courage to stand up and speak out.

Dalani is Best Table Topics Speaker. Congratulations!

Lay Theng was eloquent in her motivating evaluation speech. In her opinion, Susan’s speech was of value to the audience. She recommended that Susan enrich the content by telling the audience how to start generating good thoughts in their lives.

Kim’s evaluation of Michelle’s speech was a blockbuster. In her opinion, a Storytelling speech requires showmanship. It must have a dramatic start and a dramatic finish. The speaker should not speak at the rostrum and the key to delivering a blockbuster performance is to prepare, practice and perform.

Here are our four guests who attended the “Servant Leadership” meeting:

Chee Hoe’s guest

Susan’s guest

James with his two lady guests. The GE, Francis Ng, is on the right.

Thank you everyone for being a part of Friendship’s first meeting for 2011. Our next meeting is on 18 January with Past President Freddie as our TME. He will lead us in “The Courage to Conquer” meeting and I certainly look forward to conquering my myriad fears of speaking in public.

Group photo

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